Surprising Words and Phrases That Made It Into My Dissertation

I wrote my dissertation about women's experiences as practitioners of technical and professional writing in the workplace. I graduated earlier this month, but I'm still working on getting the formatting of the final document approved by the graduate school. It turns out that formatting a dissertation is more tedious than writing one! As I've gone... Continue Reading →

My Favorite (And Least Favorite) Words

I can’t exactly explain why, but certain words appeal to me and others don’t. It seems a silly thing to parse out favorite and least favorite words, as if they are colors or architectural styles. But perhaps they are. Words can be delicious, so I share some of my likes and dislikes with you today.... Continue Reading →

Words and Love in Charlotte’s Web

I had not read Charlotte’s Web (1952) by E. B. White until now!  Growing up, my sisters and I always watched the cartoon movie version, which I absolutely love. I’ve seen it well over 100 times.  The music is great and the story follows the book closely.  I loved it, and now I love the... Continue Reading →

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