Girls’ Studies: 1980s Barbie Glamour Home

This week’s girls’ studies blog assignment is to locate a cultural object related to girls’ play and analyze it with the following questions.  How do you know it is meant for girls?  What would happen if a boy were to play with it?  Is this a product of a particular era? Is it aimed toward... Continue Reading →

Girls’ Studies: I Am Sixteen Going on Seventeen

This week’s girls’ studies post is a critical analysis of the song “Sixteen Going on Seventeen” from The Sound of Music.   While my first reaction to watching this scene on YouTube was to sing along and dance a little, I quickly realized the messages that the song sends are somewhat outdated and a little bit... Continue Reading →

Girls’ Studies: Introduction

I’m taking a class titled Girls’ Studies this semester as part of my cognate area for my Ph.D. program.  One of the components of this class is posting each week to a blog, and while I could create a new and private blog for this purpose, I’ve decided to post it here on my public... Continue Reading →

These Are My Truths

I had an interesting conversation with a good friend a while ago about feminism.  I appreciated hearing her views because it caused me to scrutinize my own ideas and values.  I have decided that my experiences have taught me that women are still in need of a voice, a place, and empowerment, especially in the... Continue Reading →

Coincidences and Beautiful People

After I finished teaching a seven-week technical writing course this summer, I began an internship in the publications division at my church’s historical archives.  I’m interested in archives as a source for my dissertation research and for learning to research in them and handle them.  My research is also heavily informed by women’s issues, so... Continue Reading →

My Blogging Process

We hear a lot about the writing process, how it’s different for everybody and how it is a process, rather than a magical one-off or a product.  I teach a lot of this in my English 1010 courses, and I’ve also enjoyed reading about it in essays for that course and in literature.  One of... Continue Reading →

Freshly Pressed Is the Kiss of Death

Have you ever noticed that once your favorite blog gets Freshly Pressed, the posts stop coming?  I’ve seen this happen with several blogs, particularly those that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed and loved. There was one particular blog that I found in my early days of blogging, back in the first part of 2012.  I absolutely loved... Continue Reading →

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