Purple Thomas Hardys from Wales

I am jet lagged from a fantastic trip to the United Kingdom last week, but I have just enough energy to start sharing my book purchases while there. (I can’t believe I carried so many books home!) I had half of my suitcase full of books and an empty duffle bag filled up by the... Continue Reading →

Deception in Tess of the D’Urbervilles

How do I explain Tess of the D’Urbervilles (1891) by Thomas Hardy and number 12 on the BBC book list? It is one of those awful (in a lovely way) novels that I see myself in. I think any woman can relate. And unfortunately, the #YesAllWomen campaign on Twitter a few weeks ago attests to... Continue Reading →

Jude the Obscure and Sock Puppets

I spent the summer of 2007 in a graduate class studying the work of Thomas Hardy (1840-1928).  At the time, I hadn’t yet read his work, besides the odd short story, so to immerse myself in his novels proved to be a delight.  His storytelling is rich, Biblical, surprising, and tragic.  So, logically, the thing... Continue Reading →

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