Girls’ Studies: Teen Pregnancy

There is a stigma surrounding teen pregnancy, and we see that play out in media representations of it.  Today’s assignment for my girls' studies class is to compare and contrast the portrayals of teen pregnancy from a documentary called The Gloucester 18 and an episode of 16 and Pregnant. The Gloucester 18 is about the... Continue Reading →

My New York Adventure on The Katie Couric Show

As many of you know, last week I was invited to be on Katie Couric’s television show.  (Click here to see the post about how this happened.)  What an experience!  I have never done anything like it before, and I don’t know if the opportunity will ever arise again.  I’m so glad I did it,... Continue Reading →

Katie Couric Found My Blog

Today I’m headed to New York City, for the first time in some twenty years, to be on The Katie Couric Show.  I really can’t believe it, but I am.  And I’m nervous.  And anxious.  And excited.  And curious.  And hopeful.  And realistic that it really isn’t that big of a deal. You see, the... Continue Reading →

Lines for Adults in Curious George

My two-year-old recently turned three, and it looks like she has finally grown out of wanting to watch episodes of Curious George over and over and over (and over).  They are all on Netflix, and I think we have seen each episode of all five seasons at least ten times.  I’m not exaggerating. We considered... Continue Reading →

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