The Book that Got Lost in the Mail

I sent my sister a copy of Sleeping with Schubert (2004) by Bonnie Marson for her birthday many years ago. I had just read a copy from the library, and I thoroughly enjoyed the ridiculous premise of this book, that a woman is possessed by the spirit of Franz Schubert and suddenly becomes a crack... Continue Reading →

Soundtracks and Show Tunes

My daughters and I have been listening to movie soundtracks in the car as we drive around town for errands or to and from swimming lessons. It all started in March, when my youngest turned four, and for her birthday, I got her the Frozen soundtrack. We listened to it over and over and over... Continue Reading →

Girls’ Studies: Violence

This week’s girls’ studies blog post is about the song “He Hit Me,” originally performed by The Crystals in 1962.  I also listened to versions by Hole and Grizzly Bear.  It was written by Gerry Goffin and Carole King when a popular singer of the time explained why she stayed with her boyfriend despite his... Continue Reading →

The Bible as Art, Music, and Literature

Once in a graduate class, a fellow student stormed out when the teacher asked us to think about how Christianity connects to and informs the contemporary American literature we were reading.  The student later told me that he was offended because he isn’t religious and he thought it unfair that the professor was forcing religion... Continue Reading →

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