A Few Firsts

I experienced a few firsts on Christmas Eve. First Number One I read A Christmas Carol (1843) by Charles Dickens for the very first time. I had never read it because I kept telling myself that I already know the story, so what is the point? I have images of Donald Duck, Goofy, and Mickey Mouse... Continue Reading →

Transmitting Love

I am fully aware that love is traditionally given and received through touch. We hug and kiss, caress, and hold hands.  This love, although romantic and exciting, is also physical.  However, I find that more genuine and platonic love is often shown without physicality.  I often feel this sort of love more intensely, and it... Continue Reading →

Words and Love in Charlotte’s Web

I had not read Charlotte’s Web (1952) by E. B. White until now!  Growing up, my sisters and I always watched the cartoon movie version, which I absolutely love. I’ve seen it well over 100 times.  The music is great and the story follows the book closely.  I loved it, and now I love the... Continue Reading →

Carol Lynn Pearson and Me

As a child, I had no idea why Carol Lynn Pearson was important to my mom.  I knew that my mom owned many books of Carol Lynn Pearson’s poetry, and I have a vague memory from the late 1980s of driving by a house and my mom saying excitedly, “That’s where Carol Lynn Pearson lives.” ... Continue Reading →

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