Death and Fragility

I collapsed in front of my locker, and black teenage mascara tears drip-stained my knees.  A group of dry-eyed friends tried patting me, hugging me, pulling on me, and cajoling me with soft words, but I could barely see them.  All I could think about was him.  How could the one person who listened to... Continue Reading →

Grumpy Secretaries

Why are secretaries so grumpy? As a former secretary, I know the job isn’t glamorous or ultra rewarding, but part of the job is to be welcoming and perky, so why are so many secretaries failing at this?  I know why my previous secretary job inspired grumpiness (his name was BOSS), but I didn’t let... Continue Reading →

Carol Lynn Pearson and Me

As a child, I had no idea why Carol Lynn Pearson was important to my mom.  I knew that my mom owned many books of Carol Lynn Pearson’s poetry, and I have a vague memory from the late 1980s of driving by a house and my mom saying excitedly, “That’s where Carol Lynn Pearson lives.” ... Continue Reading →

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