Girls’ Studies: Sex

Today’s assignment for my girls' studies class seems a little tricky.  Here are the questions. What did you know/not know about sex as a girl? Who, if anyone, did you talk to about it? What, if anything, do you wish you knew? Imagine having your own girl one day—how will you talk to her about... Continue Reading →


Girls’ Studies: My Super Sweet Sixteen

The instructions for this week’s post follow: “I’d like you to compare what you learned from the Julia Alvarez piece [“Once Upon a Quinceañera”] with the episode of My Super Sweet 16 that you watched.  Feel free to use short clips of the episode or images to illustrate your points.  Some questions you may or... Continue Reading →

Girls’ Studies: Introduction

I’m taking a class titled Girls’ Studies this semester as part of my cognate area for my Ph.D. program.  One of the components of this class is posting each week to a blog, and while I could create a new and private blog for this purpose, I’ve decided to post it here on my public... Continue Reading →

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