Books I Received for My Birthday

A few weeks ago I celebrated a birthday, and I did so on my blog by posting a list of books I wouldn't have minded receiving.  Click here to see Ten Books I Wouldn't Mind Getting for My Birthday.  Well, my birthday has come and gone, and I did get some books.  Some of them... Continue Reading →

Ten Books I Wouldn’t Mind Getting for My Birthday

This week, I’m celebrating a birthday! I thought it would be fun to end the week with a wishlist of books that I would love to have gotten for my birthday. No, friends and family, I do not expect you to go out and buy these for me. This is instead a fun way of... Continue Reading →

My (Sparse) Collection of Cookbooks

Several years ago, I spent much of my time running a local scholarship program for the young women in my community.  I directed the program, completely as a volunteer, and helped the women learn public speaking, interviewing, and community service skills.  After five years of doing so, I stepped down to focus on academia, but... Continue Reading →

The Day After: My Haul in Books

Because I'm a book lover, I generally get many books for Christmas.  If not many, then at least a few.  This year, here's what I ended up with.  It's quite a diverse pile. This is my favorite gift this year.  I squealed and hugged it when I opened it.  I also realize the advantages of... Continue Reading →

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