Meet Me in Nova Scotia

After visiting Prince Edward Island in August, I attended an academic conference in Halifax, Nova Scotia. On the drive there, I stopped in Truro to meet somebody special: Naomi my blogging friend from Consumed by Ink! I met her outside of the library, a gorgeous building in the heart of Truro where the old brick... Continue Reading →

My Best Friends’ Favorite Books

I love and admire many people, too many to include in this one post. This is a list of my best friends' favorite books. I wanted to know what they love. (I may continue this series with more friends in the future.) Ron (my dad): Beach Music by Pat Conroy Nayeli: Utopia by Thomas Moore... Continue Reading →

The Beauty of Friendship and Books

Over the last two years, I've had the opportunity to work in some archives in Salt Lake City on a women's history project. This internship has resulted in some interesting research projects for me on women, technical communication, and communication design. My formal assignment is to do research for a team of women working on... Continue Reading →

A Kite Needs Wind

If somebody offers to help you, you take it, even if that help is the form of constructive criticism. Even if that help is scary to accept. I recently presented some work at a folklore conference.  My study bridges a gap between folklore and my field of professional communication.  I had recently submitted the paper... Continue Reading →

Coincidences and Beautiful People

After I finished teaching a seven-week technical writing course this summer, I began an internship in the publications division at my church’s historical archives.  I’m interested in archives as a source for my dissertation research and for learning to research in them and handle them.  My research is also heavily informed by women’s issues, so... Continue Reading →

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