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Literary Wives Series: The Starter Wife, in Paris

Three is a crowd.  This becomes abundantly clear in Paula McLain’s popular novel The Paris Wife (2011).  The fictional narrative is from Hadley Richardson Hemingway’s perspective.  She is the first (and as we… Continue reading

Literary Wives: American Wife by Curtis Sittenfeld

Today is the first day of the Literary Wives series!  The first book to be reviewed is American Wife (2008) by female author Curtis Sittenfeld.  It is the first of four books to… Continue reading

How Many Oprah Books Have You Read?

I spent my early twenties reading from Oprah’s book club.  I found the titles enjoyable, but it strikes me as something to be ashamed of.  However, in recently looking back over the list,… Continue reading

Apparently, I Like Anthropomorphism

I worked as a secretary for several months before I got a new coworker.  Janette shared the lobby area with me and came with a positive attitude and a big education.  I looked… Continue reading

Mystery, Marriage, and Death by Research

I refused to read The Da Vinci Code (2003) by Dan Brown and number 42 on the BBC book list for a long time.  It was a bestseller and everybody was talking about… Continue reading

Dear Jane Letters, Carp Gasping for Air, and Amputations: Madame Bovary

I have been wanting to read Madame Bovary (1856) by Gustave Flaubert and number 85 on the BBC book list for quite some time.  Years, even.  I finally got to it by listening… Continue reading

Quivering in Sunday School Because of Cold Comfort Farm

Cold Comfort Farm (1932) by Stella Gibbons and number 53 on the BBC book list is quite the comic novel.  The story centers around Flora Poste, who, when left an orphan, decides to… Continue reading

Revenge Is Sweet, But Two Wrongs Do Not Make a Right

I struggled with what to post today, especially following the horrific tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary in Connecticut.  I settled on this post about revenge that has been languishing in my files for… Continue reading

Books Waiting on My Nightstand

I have a break from school coming up soon, and while I will probably use some of that time to tweak papers for publication and continue my research, I’m also looking forward to… Continue reading

The Ring is Not Gold, But Pride

All that glitters is not gold.  This is one of the major themes of the first book of The Lord of the Rings series, The Fellowship of the Ring (1954).  I appreciate this… Continue reading