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Fiction Friday: Chapter 6

Read previous chapters here. Chapter 6 Soledad climbs the pepper tree in their new backyard, a small house Mama has rented down the road from Abuela’s. The rough bark cuts into her hands,… Continue reading

Fiction Friday: Chapter 5

Read Chapter 1 Read Chapter 2 Read Chapter 3 Read Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Walt is still lying in the futuristic-looking bed, tubes growing from his face and wrist. His eyes remain closed,… Continue reading

Fiction Friday: Chapter 4

Read Chapter 1 Read Chapter 2 Read Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Soledad is a good girl, quiet and kind, polite and accommodating. She still doesn’t understand why they’ve moved, gone and left Papa… Continue reading

Fiction Friday: Chapter 3

Read Chapter 1 Read Chapter 2 _______________________________________________________ Chapter 3 Leda is home from the hospital now, not sure what day it is but not really caring. Walt is conscious, so the doctors and… Continue reading

Fiction Friday: Chapter 2

Read Chapter 1 here. View from the Pepper Tree: Chapter 2 Leda is Soledad again, wielding a stick in the hot night air of Los Angeles. It is a magnolia stick that she… Continue reading

Fiction Friday: View from the Pepper Tree

Many years ago I fancied myself a budding author of fiction. I wrote a few novels, some finished and some half-finished. While I know now that I’m no novelist, and I know that… Continue reading

Bleeding in Books

I just started reading The Girl on the Train (2015) by Paula Hawkins. Immediately, I noticed a line that made me wonder, as it does in any other book. Every time I read… Continue reading

On My Bookshelf, No. 7

To see previous posts in this series, click here. This is my bookshelf. Here is a snippet of what’s on it, ten at a time. In Our Time (1925) by Ernest Hemingway The… Continue reading

My Top Ten Classic Novels for Teenage Boys

A few months back I posted My Top Ten Classic Novels for Teenage Girls. It has become my second most-viewed post ever, just behind Seven Annoying Things People Say To Pianists, which also… Continue reading

Yawning through Sense and Sensibility

I think I’ve passed the age at which I can enjoy Jane Austen.  I finished reading Sense and Sensibility (1811) and number 54 on the BBC book list, but I didn’t really care… Continue reading