Laura Ingalls Wilder Week: The Monument and Graves

Last week was spring break for me, so I took the time off to visit my dad and my grandmother, who is ill with cancer, in Missouri. My grandma finished her last radiation treatment while we were there, so we are hoping that things look good and that she’ll start to get stronger and be... Continue Reading →

Ordinaries and Extraordinaries: Up in the Old Hotel

I read this book because James Spader gave it to Jimmy Fallon for his birthday on The Tonight Show a few weeks ago. It’s Up in the Old Hotel and Other Stories by Joseph Mitchell. It is a compilation of Mitchell’s books, which are composed of essays he wrote for The New Yorker in the... Continue Reading →

Do You Leap Out of Bed in the Morning?

I recently watched the adorable movie Julie and Julia with the incomparable Meryl Streep and the impossibly cute Amy Adams.  Yes, the movie is about blogging (and cooking), but that’s not my point.  There is a scene in which Julia Child is writing to a friend, and she describes herself leaping out of bed every... Continue Reading →

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