Children’s Books and Visual Design: Student Work

I'm teaching a visual rhetoric course at my new university this year. It has been so much fun to create and just as much fun to teach. I have mostly upper-level English majors and minors in the class, and they are delightful, prepared, and interested. Our first few weeks of class focused on Molly Bang's... Continue Reading →

Portraits from Teenage Artist Malia

Malia is a teenage artist who lives in my neighborhood. I've know her since she was a young girl, and I'm so impressed with her talent that I'm sharing it with you today. In addition, she does work by request, as you'll see below, and she would welcome doing a family portrait for you. Here's... Continue Reading →

Red, Black, and White Book Centerpieces

I recently had the opportunity to decorate a table at a church/neighborhood dinner.  I am not necessarily the master decorator, but I do enjoy making my own home nice and looking through glossy magazines.  So, at first I panicked when given this task.  Were my dishes too faded?  Did I have pretty enough goblets?  Would... Continue Reading →

Decorating with Books

I’m not an interior designer or a photographer, but here are some photos of how I decorate with books at my house.  Books best represent my personality, so I’ve come to collect them and showcase them in my home.  There was a time when they were all in boxes in our unfinished basement, but now... Continue Reading →

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