Motherhood: Post-Partum Happiness

My good friend Britney Mills has compiled a collection of stories about motherhood that is now available on Amazon. And my story is in it! The Motherhood Trek: Stories of the Smiles, Tears, and Surprises of Being a Mother Check out the full book: Here is my personal story that appears in the book. Post-Partum... Continue Reading →

My Side of Suicide

I can’t help but think that any one of us could have been in Robin Williams’s place, yet we are here and he is gone.  His suicide has left us weepy, reeling, and grief-stricken.  His suicide has made a statement, one of the need to better address and treat those with depression.  While he cannot... Continue Reading →

Depressing Books

I enjoy depressing books.  Russian authors?  Bring them on!  Shakespeare’s tragedies?  Can’t get enough!  And my love of these books once led me to suggest them to others.  However, I quickly learned that other people, most of the people I know, don’t like to read depressing books.  Suddenly, I feel as if there’s something wrong... Continue Reading →

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