I started "building" a miniature house in one of the rooms of my basement. I got the idea after reading this book with my six-year-old daughter. The photos are of a real miniature "mouse mansion" that the author built. Amazing! I showed it to my husband. I thought the book was enchanting. He said, "Don't... Continue Reading →

Portraits from Teenage Artist Malia

Malia is a teenage artist who lives in my neighborhood. I've know her since she was a young girl, and I'm so impressed with her talent that I'm sharing it with you today. In addition, she does work by request, as you'll see below, and she would welcome doing a family portrait for you. Here's... Continue Reading →

Why I’m Not a Craft Blogger

I tried to make my daughter curtains.  Out of a tablecloth.  That sounds simple enough, and I know how to sew, thanks to 4-H, but they turned out horribly. And it wasn’t exactly my fault. I sewed straight lines.  I measured correctly.  I even matched the thread. I did not, however, choose the right material... Continue Reading →

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