Dejunking: The Book that Motivated Me

I’ve been dejunking my house.  It is all due to the book For Packrats Only: How to Clean Up, Clear Out, and Dejunk Your Life Forever (1998) by Don Aslett.  I heard about it from a high-school friend’s blog post, which you can see here.  She is a craft blogger and gave herself the challenge to... Continue Reading →

The Berenstain Bears and I Have Too Much Stuff: Five Suggestions for Organizing

I made an effort to pick up my house today.  I do regular cleaning projects, like mopping, dusting, vacuuming, and laundry.  But it seems like it’s never clean due to toys, toys, and more toys.  Each time I find myself surrounded by a pile of these toys, I have one book run through my head:... Continue Reading →

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