A Dirty Book about World War I: Birdsong

I finally got through Birdsong (1993) by Sebastian Faulks and number 17 on the BBC book list.  It took me nearly a full semester to get through it, partly because I was busy with reading and writing for my Ph.D. work, and partly because the novel seemed to lag in certain places, and I had... Continue Reading →

A. S. Byatt’s Possession: The Secret Love Lives of Dead Poets

Possession (1990), number 80 on the BBC book list, by A. S. Byatt is a literary thriller about academics.  White it has been highly acclaimed and even has status as a bestseller, I wondered if everybody could truly like or enjoy this book, or if only bibliophiles, English majors, and academics would be drawn to... Continue Reading →

Apparently, I Like Anthropomorphism

I worked as a secretary for several months before I got a new coworker.  Janette shared the lobby area with me and came with a positive attitude and a big education.  I looked up to her, and eventually I met her husband.  He is a remarkable person, just like she is.  He towers some six... Continue Reading →

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