I’m Convinced: Blogs I’ll Follow

On Monday, I asked you to convince me to follow your blog. I promised to pick ten, but instead I came up with fifteen! I couldn’t narrow it down, and I also followed more of you than I listed here today.  I looked at every comment and every blog.  Some of you caught my eye... Continue Reading →

Convince Me to Follow Your Blog

I’ve reached 20,000 followers, and although that makes my blog seem “big,” the truth is that my stats and actual page views are much lower. I get an average of 300 to 400 views a day, with slightly fewer unique visitors. All 20,000 of you are not reading or visiting my blog, but that’s okay.... Continue Reading →

My Blogging Process

We hear a lot about the writing process, how it’s different for everybody and how it is a process, rather than a magical one-off or a product.  I teach a lot of this in my English 1010 courses, and I’ve also enjoyed reading about it in essays for that course and in literature.  One of... Continue Reading →

Why I Spoil Books

I’ve noticed on blogs, Goodreads, and other book review sites that the reviewers often try to avoid spoiling the plot or giving away big chunks of the twists and turns.  They do this by simply not writing about it or by giving a warning that they are about to do so and that those uninterested... Continue Reading →

Freshly Pressed Is the Kiss of Death

Have you ever noticed that once your favorite blog gets Freshly Pressed, the posts stop coming?  I’ve seen this happen with several blogs, particularly those that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed and loved. There was one particular blog that I found in my early days of blogging, back in the first part of 2012.  I absolutely loved... Continue Reading →

Blog Etiquette

I wrote this post a while ago, and as I reread it in anticipation of posting it, I sensed an in-your-face tone.  Sorry about that.  Maybe it was my attempt to be funny while writing this.  I’m not sure.  But I do want to share some of what I’ve learned over the last year and... Continue Reading →

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