My Ántonia, My Middle Name

My middle name is Antonia.  It comes from my great grandmother, Antonia Montosa Juanes, who was born in Hawaii to immigrants from Spain.  She married Felix Juanes, from Spain, and had eight children,… Continue reading

Thrift Store Book Finds

I like to buy books at thrift stores.  We have a large chain of thrift stores in my area called Deseret Industries.  We frequently donate, and get tax deductions for it, but I… Continue reading

Anne of Green Gables: Finding a Family and Romance

I showed my students the BBC book list.  One of them immediately zeroed in on Anne of Green Gables (#46 on the list and published in 1908) and said, “I’m not sure why… Continue reading

The Versatile Blogger Award

I’ve been nominated for The Versatile Blogger Award!  Since I’m new to blogging, I’m not really sure what this is or how it works, but I have seen others boasting of their own… Continue reading

Things Baby Books Should Tell You But Don’t

I don’t know about you, but when I had my first baby it was quite a shock. I went from lunching with my friends, wearing nice clothes, and leaving the house everyday to… Continue reading

Confessing (One of) My Literary Sins: The Shopaholic Series

Okay. I admit it! I like chick lit. I do. I know that as a self-proclaimed student of serious literature that I shouldn’t. But I can’t help it. The books are funny and,… Continue reading

Thackeray’s Vanity Fair: A Fantastic Cure for Insomnia

I’m vain.  Let’s face it.  I always have been.  I like to look nice, and when I’m done making myself look nice, I like to admire myself in the mirror.  As a young… Continue reading

Decorating with Books, Part Two

Again, I am not a professional when it comes to photography or decorating, but I thought it would be fun to share how I display and store books at my house.  If you… Continue reading

Decorating with Books

I’m not an interior designer or a photographer, but here are some photos of how I decorate with books at my house.  Books best represent my personality, so I’ve come to collect them… Continue reading

The Music of Les Miserables and the Book (I Guess)

Yes, my husband read Les Miserables (1862) before I did.  Several years before I did, in fact.  When we were dating in college, he had to read it for an assigned reading course… Continue reading