Breaking Up With Blogger

You’ve just started blogging, and a few months in, a blogger you’ve never heard of nominates you for one of those blogging “awards.”  It’s exciting.  How flattering to think that somebody noticed your blog, somebody that isn’t your mother.  You realize that the “award” is more of a chain letter that promotes exposing other blogs... Continue Reading →


An Analysis of Motherhood in Three Mommy Blogs

I am studying professional communication in my Ph.D. program, and as part of these studies, I have been examining mommy blogs.  I see them as a way of professionalizing motherhood.  The women who write them have the potential to make money from home, while sharing their “expertise” about mothering.  This makes blogging a place where... Continue Reading →

The Mess of Brave New World

One of my students this summer suggested that I read Brave New World (1932) by Aldous Huxley.  I obliged him.  And then I realized that it is book #58 on the BBC book list, so I killed two birds with one stone: pleasing people and checking a book off of my list. I can’t decide... Continue Reading →

When Women Were Birds

During the early part of my summer break this year, I found myself stifled by boredom.  My children and I are used to the regular rhythms of school, day care, piano lessons, soccer practices, ballet, and my teaching schedule.  Things were hectic, but I thrive on that sort of structure.  However, once summer came, my... Continue Reading →

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