A Finished Room of My Own

One year ago today, I started this blog.  I did so at the urging of Michele Kort, senior editor at Ms. Magazine.  I had the privilege of speaking with her on the phone because a family member of mine happens to be Michele’s good friend.  Michele spoke with me on two separate occasions, looked over... Continue Reading →

A Mild Crusade to Resurrect Dorothy Whipple and a Feminist Reading List

I wrote my Master’s thesis on British author Dorothy Whipple’s novel The Priory (1939).  I enjoy Whipple’s work.  She has been called the Jane Austen of the 20th century by J. B. Priestley, a well-known British novelist and dramatist, but I don’t think she’s a literary genius.  For me, she falls into the category of... Continue Reading →

Thrift Store Book Finds

I like to buy books at thrift stores.  We have a large chain of thrift stores in my area called Deseret Industries.  We frequently donate, and get tax deductions for it, but I also frequently shop for books there.  And, on occasion I’ll find children’s toys or bikes in great condition. Anyway, my most recent... Continue Reading →

Death Changes Mrs. Dalloway and Us

The first time my sister Haley received an invitation for a sleepover, it was to her best friend Martha’s house.  Such an invitation is exciting and a celebrated first experience away from home.  However, Martha lived in a mortuary.  Her father was a mortician, whose residence was attached to his place of work and business. ... Continue Reading →

A Room of My Own

We are finishing the last part of our basement, which consists of three bedrooms and a hallway.  I have already staked my claim for one of those bedrooms.  It is the smallest room with the lowest ceiling, but the window faces west, and in the afternoons it is sunny, bright, and warm.  The closet, door,... Continue Reading →

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