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On My Bookshelf, No. 14

To see previous posts in this series, click here. This is my bookshelf. Here is a snippet of what’s on it, ten at a time. Breathing Lessons (1988) by Anne Tyler The Amateur… Continue reading

On My Bookshelf, No. 1

I have what builders call a “plant shelf” in my master bedroom.  When my husband and I first moved into our home thirteen years ago (today!), I had no idea what to put… Continue reading

That Absolute Must-Read Book

My most popular, most viewed, and most commented post is Unwanted Reading Recommendations: Borrowing, Returning, and Remembering Books.  It is my complaint about people recommending books to me or giving me books to read… Continue reading

Books I Have Two (or Three) Copies of

I’ve been steadily collecting books since my undergraduate year of college.  (Or, perhaps, more accurately, since my childhood.)  Once my husband and I bought a house, I actually had a place to put… Continue reading

The Books from The World’s Strongest Librarian

Today, I promised to give you a list of all of the books mentioned in The World’s Strongest Librarian (2013) by Josh Hanagarne.  I also promised to give away a copy of the… Continue reading

Views from My University Library

During the first part of the semester, I spent most of my time on campus in the library.  Then I learned that I had rights to a shared desk in the Ph.D. student… Continue reading