Little Free Library

We put in a Little Free Library! It's so cute. It is so fun. I love talking to my neighbors about the books we have in there and what they are reading. One cute girl knocked on my door to make sure it was okay if she took a book. She was so excited when... Continue Reading →

On My Bookshelf, No. 14

To see previous posts in this series, click here. This is my bookshelf. Here is a snippet of what’s on it, ten at a time. Breathing Lessons (1988) by Anne Tyler The Amateur Marriage (2004) by Anne Tyler All the King's Men (1946) by Robert Penn Warren Ethan Frome (1911) by Edith Wharton Madame de... Continue Reading →

On My Bookshelf, No. 1

I have what builders call a "plant shelf" in my master bedroom.  When my husband and I first moved into our home thirteen years ago (today!), I had no idea what to put on that shelf.  I tried some leftover wedding flowers and random plants, but it didn't look good at all.  As I began... Continue Reading →

That Absolute Must-Read Book

My most popular, most viewed, and most commented post is Unwanted Reading Recommendations: Borrowing, Returning, and Remembering Books.  It is my complaint about people recommending books to me or giving me books to read that I’m not interested in or that I know I won’t like.  Since I started this blog, I tend to get more... Continue Reading →

Books I Have Two (or Three) Copies of

I’ve been steadily collecting books since my undergraduate year of college.  (Or, perhaps, more accurately, since my childhood.)  Once my husband and I bought a house, I actually had a place to put them.  That meant in boxes in the cold, dark basement. Then I had my first baby and I quit my job.  I... Continue Reading →

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