Late Nights with New Fairy Tales

I can’t remember how I discovered Franz Xaver von Schönwerth’s book of “newly discovered fairy tales,” but I am glad I did. It is called The Turnip Princess and Other Newly Discovered Fairy Tales (2015), and it is just that. Von Schönwerth apparently collected these stories from the Bavarian countryside in the 1850s, and a... Continue Reading →

Sam as Mother: The Return of the King

I haven’t been posting regularly about the BBC book list, but I finally got to The Return of the King (1955) by J. R. R. Tolkien.  The Lord of the Rings series is number 2 on the BBC list.  And as many of you know, at least those of you who have followed my blog... Continue Reading →

Apparently, I Like Anthropomorphism

I worked as a secretary for several months before I got a new coworker.  Janette shared the lobby area with me and came with a positive attitude and a big education.  I looked up to her, and eventually I met her husband.  He is a remarkable person, just like she is.  He towers some six... Continue Reading →

My Introduction to Cornelia Funke

On a recent trip to the library, my daughter informed me that she does not like mystery books (at my suggestion that she try a Nancy Drew book) and that she did not like historical fiction (except for the “Laura” books), but that her new passion was fantasy.  This new love of fantasy stems from... Continue Reading →

The Ring is Not Gold, But Pride

All that glitters is not gold.  This is one of the major themes of the first book of The Lord of the Rings series, The Fellowship of the Ring (1954).  I appreciate this theme because I’ve known people who tend to sparkle.  I’ve seen others fall all over these supposedly golden people.  They can do... Continue Reading →

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