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A Little Du Maurier

I’ve read Rebecca (1938) by Daphne Du Maurier. It is a great book of suspense. I read it as part of the BBC book list that I was reading from when I started this… Continue reading

Mystery Novels

I recently gave a lesson to the youth in my church and to get their attention, I asked them if they liked a good mystery. I showed them a slide with some of… Continue reading

The First “Grown-Up” Book I Read

When you’re a child who loves to read, there’s a lot of pride in being able to read what your parents are reading. It is a rite of passage to read a “grown-up”… Continue reading

Serial Killers and Architects: The Devil in the White City

I have an urge to go on a psychopathic murderer reading binge.  I often find myself reading books of the same ilk in succession; some of these themes have included the Holocaust, African… Continue reading

The Best Revenge: You’re Living Well, Elizabeth Smart

I still remember the day in June 2002 when our local news reported the disappearance of Elizabeth Smart.  We live in a suburb north of Salt Lake City, where Elizabeth lived, and the… Continue reading

Defending Jacob: What Would You Do If Your Child Were a Murderer?

What would you do if your child had committed a crime as serious as murder?  What if that child denied it and you believed him?  This is the premise of William Landay’s book… Continue reading

Literary Wives: The Wife, The Maid, and The Mistress

I got a slow start on The Wife, The Maid, and The Mistress (2014) by Ariel Lawhon, which kept me from fully getting into the book until I had time to really sit… Continue reading

Spoiling Gone Girl

I listened to Gone Girl (2012) by Gillian Flynn.  I never wanted to get out of my car, but alas, I had to.  I read this one because a friend, Cyndi, and my… Continue reading

Identifying with a Murderer: Truman Capote’s In Cold Blood

While driving on the winding highway through Sardine Canyon, an area sparse of houses besides the occasional farm and dilapidated, weather-beaten barn, I listened with aching suspense as the murder of the Clutter… Continue reading