Little Free Library

We put in a Little Free Library! It’s so cute. It is so fun. I love talking to my neighbors about the books we have in there and what they are reading. One cute girl knocked on my door to make sure it was okay if she took a book. She was so excited when I said yes and told her to keep it.

It started when I read a book about Little Free Libraries. My daughter Olivia saw me reading it and wanted to look through it as well. She realized that making one would be a great community service project, so she decided to do it with the help of her talented and hardworking grandma.

Here is Olivia working on it with her grandma and grandpa.



And here is the finished product.


I’m having fun restocking the books. And so far, I know neighbors have taken (and enjoyed) March by Geraldine Brooks and The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency by Alexander McCall Smith.

Do you have any Little Free Libraries near you? You can find out where they are located here. We had fun finding all of the ones around and now having our own!



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  1. I have seen those around a few places, but I didn’t think about making your own. I wonder if I could put something up like that in the rural area I live in, and whether people would actually stop.

  2. There are a couple in my town. I have left books in one of them. I have been thinking about getting one but I would have to be able to remove it for the winter as most of my front lawn gets piled up deep in snow, including the thick, chunky stuff from the large city snowblowers.

    1. That is a concern! I bet the website or some Facebook groups for Little Free Libraries might have some suggestions about making one that is removable.

  3. Love this so much. You are doing such a wonderful service to your entire community! It teaches so many amazing lessons to both children and adults. Thank you for spreading the love of literacy to those around you 🙂 I’m curious…you mentioned a book…what book were you reading which initially sparked this idea?

    1. Ah thanks! It has been fun to see how quickly some of the books are taken. I was reading The Free Little Library Book! It has all kinds of stories and pictures and even the blueprints for making one. It is a cute book and inspiring!

  4. What a neat idea! I’ve seen these around my area but never privately owned. Would be such a great way to grow community. You’re blog is so well written and truly inspiring! I’m a busy nursing student who is new to blogging and doesn’t really know what she’s doing yet. Would you check me out? Leave a comment/like or email me some of your tips and tricks? Thanks for helping a young bloggy-hatchling out!

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