March 2018 Reading

Here are some five-word book reviews for my March reading wrap-up.


Taking as Fast as I Can: Fun, witty, not earth shattering

Under the Volcano: Dense, symbolic, indulgent, and boring

Mudbound: Had potential but white washed

A Bloodsmoor Romance: Lyrical family drama with twist

Girls Think of Everything: Important recognition of amazing women

Power: Surviving and Thriving after Narcissistic Abuse: No contact is necessary, good

My First New York: A waste of good paper

The Bookshop: Brave woman doesn’t beat odds

The House of Unexpected Sisters: Ramotswe is no longer alone

Her Fearful Symmetry: Resurrected ghosts make plot weird

Leadership the Eleanor Roosevelt Way: Corny, simplistic with Eleanor tidbits

Body Talk: Complicated rhetoric surrounds women’s bodies