Meet Me in Nova Scotia

After visiting Prince Edward Island in August, I attended an academic conference in Halifax, Nova Scotia. On the drive there, I stopped in Truro to meet somebody special: Naomi my blogging friend from Consumed by Ink!

I met her outside of the library, a gorgeous building in the heart of Truro where the old brick meets the new library updates.


We chatted for a few minutes and then walked to a cafe, where I ate the most delicious seafood linguine I have ever had. No joke! Eating seafood near the ocean is always a good idea.

I enjoyed getting to know Naomi a little better and hearing about her family. I was impressed with the camping, biking, and hiking she does with her children. I realized that I need to be a braver mom when it comes to taking my children on local outdoors trips.

Naomi then shared her favorite bookstore with me. It was across from where we ate, and it is an adorable used bookstore with food and tea. Fittingly, it is called the Noveltea cafe and bookstore.

If you are ever in Truro, don’t forget to visit this lovely bookstore. And if you have the chance, meet up with Naomi. She is a gem. Thanks for hosting me in your beautiful city, Naomi!