Anne of Green Gables

Anne of Green Gables: she’s not real, but she’s beloved. I can’t count how many times I have watched the Anne of Green Gables miniseries, and my husband and I recently enjoyed the new series on Netflix “Anne with an E” with our oldest daughter.

Have I read Anne of Green Gables? Yes, but I think more fondly of the miniseries versions. I’m not sure why.

Anyway, I visited Prince Edward Island, the setting of Anne’s adventures, in August with my colleague Bree. We had a conference in Halifax, Nova Scotia, to attend, so we arrived early, rented a car, and drove around PEI for a few days. I got to see the birthplace of Lucy Maud Montgomery, the author of the beloved books, and the place that inspired Green Gables.


Green Gables happens to be where Montgomery’s aunt and uncle lived, and she spent a lot of time there as a child and also did some writing there. They have turned the farm house into a museum and gift shop.

I also visited Avonlea Village, a fun tourist site that attempts to recreate the town where Anne lived with gift shop’s and restaurants and an old church. It was hokey, but we loved drinking the “raspberry cordial”!

The best part of the island was the national parks. It is a gorgeous place, and we loved hiking and taking in the views.

If you ever have a chance to make your way to PEI, do it! And eat all the seafood you can while there.

And stay in an adorable bed and breakfast where you can get some writing done.

I highly recommend Rogers Island Getaway Bed and Breakfast.



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    1. I will post about my visit to see Naomi soon! It was so fun to see her. I still regret not meeting up with you in Austin. Hopefully, I’ll come to Washington soon and we can set something up!

  1. PEI looks lovely. Thankyou for sharing the pics.
    I’m more nostalgic about the mini series too, but that’s because I used to watch it with my mum.

  2. I read Anne of Green Gables last year in the spring. I think I read it as a child, too, but I couldn’t remember. I know my mother and aunts did, so I don’t know if I just remember them talking about it or if I read it, too. I also watched the Netflix series, which some were not all that pleased about for its “darkness.” I never saw the miniseries. I wonder if I can find it somewhere? Your trip sounds quite enjoyable, and what a smart way to keep your town alive!

    1. Ha ha. I always order oysters near the ocean, but I think this picture confirms that I like the idea of them more than I actually like them. The best seafood I had was the dish I ordered with you in Truro!

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