Which Alexander McCall Smith Series?

I recently tried to read Corduroy Mansions, the first book in a series by Alexander McCall Smith. As you may recall, I love Smith’s work. But after starting, and then stopping, this book, I realized something.

I love the series featuring Isabel Dalhousie.


And I love Precious Ramotswe of The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency.


I also read and enjoyed The Portuguese Irregular Verb Series, which features two professors determined to outwit one another.

But I did not like Corduroy Mansions, nor could I get into the 44 Scotland Street books.

I prefer two of Smith’s series. I think that perhaps my favoring of the Isabel Dalhousie and Precious Ramotswe series has to do with the strong female characters. The women lead these books, and they are smart, outspoken, strong, and interesting. That type of character certainly appeals to me.

What are your favorite Alexander McCall Smith books?

(And did you know that I got to meet him once?)