In the Bag

We recently visited Capitol Reef National Park as a family to hike and camp. My sister Haley and her husband David are expert campers and hikers and took us there. The park is gorgeous, and we did a five-mile water hike that was a blast.

2016-06-05 15.55.28


2016-06-05 10.23.46


2016-06-05 11.03.49





We arrived on a Friday evening and ate at a delicious burger joint in Torrey, Utah. When my sister walked away from our table, I noticed some books in her bag. I pulled them out and took a picture. She came back to the table and said, “Did you take a picture of my books? For your blog?” She had “caught” me, and yes, the picture was for the blog. Here’s what my sister and her husband were reading.

2016-06-03 18.20.37

David’s is Don Quixote and Haley’s is the one about blood and guts. They both look like interesting titles, and after discussing the contents of each with my sister, I would love to read them both.

What books are you carrying in your bag?

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  1. I’m carrying “The Next Best Thing” by Jennifer Weiner (a “for fun” read), and a bunch of self-publishing how-to books on my iPad that I read whenever I need a hit of inspiration! Happy summer reading! 🙂

  2. The park looks beautiful! But, what is a water hike?
    This Monday we’re going on our bike trip. I have to choose a book carefully because I can only bring one. 🙂

    1. Basically, we were hiking in a small stream, with a few waterfalls along the way that we climbed down. It was so fun. I’m also going on a trip next week and I’m really stressing over which book to bring. I’m leaning toward The Portable Steinbeck!

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