PhD Done

I graduated on Friday. It was a momentous and wonderful occasion. Here are some pictures.

2014-07-20 22.25.30-4

From left to right, that’s me, my dissertation adviser and mentor-extraordinaire Dr. Ryan Moeller, then Dr. Keith Grant-Davie, another mentor and dissertation committee member, and then Dr. Adam Bair, one of my favorite colleagues who graduated with me. We were waiting in the field house for the procession to start to the graduation venue.

2014-07-20 22.42.00

This is me and Dr. Moeller processing to the graduation venue. (Behind me, is the guy who threw me under the bus.)

2016-05-06 12.56.26

The obligatory selfie.

2016-05-06 15.53.22

My amazing little family.

2016-05-06 15.50.53

And my amazing extended family. Left to right that is my father-in-law Mike, his brother Uncle Ken, my husband, my sister Afton, my dad, me, my sister Haley, and then my daughters in the front. My mother-in-law Marsha and my sisters-in-law Marie (and her husband Dave) and Michelle came too, but the ceremony took so long they ended up going home a little early.

It’s funny, though. I have a problem.

Whenever I accomplish something big, I immediately downplay it.

I remember starting my program and being so excited about doing a PhD in technical communication and getting this education. I thought it was a big deal. Now that I’ve done it, it doesn’t seem that big or that hard. It seems to me that anybody could do it.

So I’m working on being proud of myself.