The Book that Got Lost in the Mail

I sent my sister a copy of Sleeping with Schubert (2004) by Bonnie Marson for her birthday many years ago. I had just read a copy from the library, and I thoroughly enjoyed the ridiculous premise of this book, that a woman is possessed by the spirit of Franz Schubert and suddenly becomes a crack concert pianist. It was a delightful read and one that I’ll never forget.

sleeping with schubert

Because my sister and I both learned to play classical piano while growing up, and we spent many hours at the piano bench and competed in many local competitions, I thought she would enjoy the whimsical novel as much as I did.

However, the book never arrived. She lived in Massachusetts at the time, and each time I sent her a package, it seemed to get lost or stolen. This package also contained some pictures of her from our youth, ones that I had found in an extra box and thought she might like to have. They were lost too.

But I remember how much fun Sleeping with Schubert was from time to time, and I always want to recommend it to people to read. I don’t think my sister has ever read it, given that the copy I got for her was lost, but today I want to recommend it to you. If you like light silly novels on occasion, and you have any experience with music, you’ll enjoy this tale.

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  1. I would probably like this book. The funny thing is, a long time ago I read a book that my dad gave me about someone who could see and hear certain people who had died long ago (my dad likes books about the paranormal). They were all musicians and composers, and they wanted to finish their compositions through her. Knowing very little about music herself, she wrote them down for these dead composers, and showed them to experts who all agreed that they seemed authentic to each of the composers that she claimed asked her to write them. I can’t remember what this book was called, but it was nonfiction (whether or not it was actually true I have no idea). I wonder if this writer was inspired by that book in any way.

      1. It’s called Unfinished Symphonies by Rosemary Brown. Keeping a list of books I’ve read pays off sometimes! And, I remembered around what year I read it, because it was right after my grandfather died. My dad had leant it to him in the hospital hoping it would give him some comfort, then he gave it to me to read. It *was* intriguing…

  2. I so enjoyed this post — I like “believing” that this can happen and does — Great Post – Great Blog !!!

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