The Book that Got Lost in the Mail

I sent my sister a copy of Sleeping with Schubert (2004) by Bonnie Marson for her birthday many years ago. I had just read a copy from the library, and I thoroughly enjoyed the ridiculous premise of this book, that a woman is possessed by the spirit of Franz Schubert and suddenly becomes a crack concert pianist. It was a delightful read and one that I’ll never forget.

sleeping with schubert

Because my sister and I both learned to play classical piano while growing up, and we spent many hours at the piano bench and competed in many local competitions, I thought she would enjoy the whimsical novel as much as I did.

However, the book never arrived. She lived in Massachusetts at the time, and each time I sent her a package, it seemed to get lost or stolen. This package also contained some pictures of her from our youth, ones that I had found in an extra box and thought she might like to have. They were lost too.

But I remember how much fun Sleeping with Schubert was from time to time, and I always want to recommend it to people to read. I don’t think my sister has ever read it, given that the copy I got for her was lost, but today I want to recommend it to you. If you like light silly novels on occasion, and you have any experience with music, you’ll enjoy this tale.