Portraits from Teenage Artist Malia

Malia is a teenage artist who lives in my neighborhood. I’ve know her since she was a young girl, and I’m so impressed with her talent that I’m sharing it with you today. In addition, she does work by request, as you’ll see below, and she would welcome doing a family portrait for you. Here’s what she did for my family.




She has created many other portraits for people in my neighborhood and her friends and family. They are all gorgeous with intimate details (like my freckles and my daughter’s freckles) that make them charming and recognizable. Here are a few.

2016-01-12 08.14.14




She has also drawn LDS temples. Here are some samples of those.




If you are interested in her work, and would like to request a drawing based on a family photo of your own, please contact her at themessybessiegirl@gmail.com.

Her pricing is a steal.

A 9 x 11 family is $15-20 depending on the number of people in the picture (six or more is $20).

A 9 x 11 temple is $25.

A 5 x 7 family is $10.

An 11 x 15 family $25-30 (6 or more people is $30).

Last, but not least, is the adorable portrait she drew of her own family. They are some of my favorite people, and I’m lucky to have known them for the last 14 years.


17 thoughts on “Portraits from Teenage Artist Malia

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  1. Malia is for sure very talented! I guess she is using water colours and black ink, which give to her drawings such an exquisite texture of softness and simplicity.
    Thank you for sharing :-)claudine

  2. Thanks for doing this, Em. I liken this to Malia being featured on “Oprah’s Favorite Things” episodes. 🙂 You’re a gem.

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