What Are Your Blogging Goals for 2016?

I feel honored to have been included in this post. What are your blogging goals for the new year?

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You may not bother with resolutions for the new year, but setting goals for your blog helps you to (re)focus and shape your online home. We asked a diverse mix of bloggers:

What’s the most important goal you have for your site in 2016?

Lisa JakubLisa Jakub

Lisa Jakub, lisajakub.net

My resolution is very simple and not so easy: I want to create work that tells the truth. Writing, for me, is all about connection, and nothing creates connection like open-hearted honesty. It’s about putting letters and spaces together in a way that reaches out and allows all of us to feel less alone. It’s about finding our commonalities and celebrating our individual authenticity. And if we can laugh about it in the process  — even better.

Emily J. Petersen, The Bookshelf of Emily J.

Emily January Petersen, writer and blogger at The Bookshelf of Emily J.Emily January Petersen

My goal for my blog in 2016 is to re-personalize it! I started out by…

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14 thoughts on “What Are Your Blogging Goals for 2016?

Add yours

  1. I hope to work on getting more comments and followers I have had my blog two years this week and am pleased with the amount of visitors but mostly people press like and leave 😯😕

  2. Congrats on being included, Emily! And I agree with you. It is easy to get on goodreads or amazon to get book summaries but I always prefer to hear a writer’s personal voice and reflections in addition. I didn’t know you had gotten away from that though, as I’ve just been away from the blogging world for most of this year. I do miss your blog and plan to catch up once my work season ends in January. I’m hoping to start writing again too 🙂

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