ATTW Announces 2016 Graduate Research Award Winners

I have received a national award for my dissertation research. Here are the details!

ATTW Bulletin

ATTW is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2016 ATTW Graduate Research Awards. In our commitment to advancing graduate students in the field, the award’s purpose is to support and advance the research of graduate students in the latter stages of their PhD programs. Congratulations to the following recipients for their contributions to research in technical and professional communication:

  • Lauren E. Cagle, University of South Florida, “Shaping Climate Citizenship: The Ethics of Inclusion in Climate Communication and Policy.”
  • Emily January Petersen, Utah State University, “‘The Reasonably Bright Girls:’ Theorizing Women’s Agency in Technological Systems of Power.”
  • Susan Rauch, Texas Tech University, “Coding the Narrative: The Rhetoric and Attention Economics of EHR Systems Management, Usability, and Clinical Documentation Practices.”

The award selection committee was really impressed with the quality and potential contributions of these research projects. Award recipients will be featured and present their research in a panel at the annual conference, which will be held in April…

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