Interview with EMILY J. PETERSEN

Interview With EMILY J. PETERSEN

Just in case you wanted to know more about me, check out the interview I did with blogger Kenyona R. Copeland.

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        1. We are staying in Limerick for the conference, but we are planning a day trip to Dublin and some day trips to areas in the west. Should be fun! Where did you go?

          1. Have a great time! My husband is from Limerick and we lived in Dublin for two years (we’re in England now so we still go back to visit family and friends a few times a year). Let me know if you want any recommendations!

            1. Very nice! I would love some recommendations on where to eat. Email me at januarypetersen at yahoo [dot] com. Thanks!

          2. In Dublin, visit Dublinia, which is a museum about the Viking influence in Ireland. My kids loved it. Southwest of Dublin is a National Stud Farm which is actually pretty cool; there is also a garden there.

            If you get chance, there is a village near Limerick called Bunratty Castle. There is a cool village tour just outside the castle, plus if you want something cheesy and fun, there is troupe that performs a musical comedy in the castle during a feast. Do catch live music in the pubs, if you can, as it is fun to sing along.

            If you go west, the cities of Killarney and Galway are must sees, as are the Cliffs of Moher (spectacular) and Ring of Kerry (which is a circular road with vistas along the west coast). If you go out, dress in layers with a rain proof jacket, which you can shed, as it is green there for a reason.

            Have fun. This was our favorite family vacation. BTG

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