Honoring Jane Austen

Most women enjoy or appreciate Jane Austen’s work. I am one of those women, and although I don’t necessarily like everything I’ve read by Austen, and while I haven’t actually read all of her books, I do appreciate what I have read. I also liked a recent movie called Austenland that took a comedic take on our obsession with Austen.

I recently came across another way of honoring Austen at the Springville Art Museum in Springville, Utah. I was there on a women’s history tour, and the museum had pulled out some of the art it holds by female artists with female subjects.

I saw this one and couldn’t resist sharing it with you.




My favorite touch is the red wax seal on her signature of the work.



I hope the artist doesn’t mind me sharing her work with you. The museum staff said it was okay to take pictures, so I did.

This frilly, feminine, and girly take on Jane Austen seems just about perfect, especially given the mixed media background with pages and pictures from Austen’s books.