You Can’t Taste Your Own Spit and Other Words of Wisdom

I found an old paper in my desk drawer with a list of stuff my daughter had said when she was six or seven. I had meant to post it on my blog, but I’ve waited until she turned ten to do so. She wouldn’t say these things now, but it is fun to look back on the truths she was discovering and the ways she tried to make sense of the world.


“You can’t taste your own spit.”

“You’re lucky if you’re born without a middle finger, because, you know, it’s America’s swear finger.”

“The B-word is ‘beep, beep.’ All buses say the B-word.”

Have a great day!

17 thoughts on “You Can’t Taste Your Own Spit and Other Words of Wisdom

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  1. That is just adorable! (and wise, of course!)

    My oldest son, when he was 3, told me that he didn’t think his great-uncle – a woodsman who has lost a finger and a toe to various chainsaw/equipment accidents – could count to 20 anymore.

    I try to write it all down, too.

    1. Nah. She thought they were funny and she remembered that the stuff about the B word came from what everybody was saying in first grade about it.

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