On My Bookshelf, No. 4

I have what builders call a “plant shelf” in my master bedroom.  When my husband and I first moved into our home thirteen years ago, I had no idea what to put on that shelf.  I tried some leftover wedding flowers and random plants, but it didn’t look good at all.  As I began collecting books, because I finally had a place to store them, I realized that they would look good on this plant shelf.


For the next few months, I’m going to share with you the titles of the books that are on this plant shelf, ten at a time.  On it, I keep books that I’ve read and liked more than other books.  (You could even say that most of these are favorites.)  I find their presence there comforting.  I recognize them, even without being able to see the type or the title, from their colors and heights and placement. They are my friends. And sometimes, when I’m feeling particularly lonely or self-pitying, I look up and remember that I have many friends, and all of them wait for me within the books of this shelf.

I have previously posted about my many bookshelves here and here.

The first ten books on this shelf can be found here, the second ten are here, and the third ten are here.

Today’s fourth set of ten books are the following.


The Adventures and Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes (1894) by Arthur Conan Doyle

An American Tragedy (1925) by Theodore Dreiser

Rebecca (1938) by Daphne du Maurier

House of Sand and Fog (1999) by Andre Dubus III

The Memory Keeper’s Daughter (2005) by Kim Edwards

The Secrets of a Fire King (1997) by Kim Edwards

What is the What (2006) by Dave Eggers

Middlemarch (1874) by George Eliot

Silas Marner (1861) by George Eliot

Peace Like a River (2001)by Leif Enger


Have you read and enjoyed any of these books?