Hamburger Bliss

I don’t often share recipes on my blog, although I have posted a few in the past here and here.  This one is courtesy of The Today Show.  We copied what we saw.  Here are the results.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESYou can’t see it well, but nestled in between those TWO grilled cheese sandwiches is a hamburger with more cheese on it.  It was delicious.  Beyond delicious.  It was hamburger bliss.

I grilled some hamburger patties with gruyere on top.  I also made a bunch of grilled cheese sandwiches on our panini grill with sharp cheddar.  I then put the hamburger in between two grilled cheese sandwiches with some arugula, ranch dressing, spicy brown mustard, and caramelized onions.  (I don’t recommend ketchup on this one; my husband tried it and ended up feeling like he was eating a meatloaf sandwich, but if that’s the taste you want, go for it!)  He also added extra arugula.  Here’s a picture of his half.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESWe obviously weren’t going for healthy with this meal, but we were blown away by the taste.  Our kids loved it, too.  In fact, my oldest daughter asked me last night if we could make the grilled cheese hamburgers again.  I told her that they were a once-in-a-lifetime meal.  Well, maybe once a year.  My husband said that if I started making them more often, he’d know I was trying to kill him.  By my guess, these are at least 1,000 calories, or more.  And we left off the bacon!

To see the original recipe, which includes bacon, click here.

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          1. He’s the guy who introduced me to a dish called a “cheese pit.” It’s exactly what you might imagine, a casserole made of bread, cheese, onions, eggs, and milk. It has not one redeeming quality or even a single ingredient with nutrients. If it was up to him, we’d have it every week! All his favorite foods are from kindergarten!

  1. Looks fantastic! There’s a food cart here in Portland that does this kind of grilled-cheese-sandwich-buns on all kinds of burgers. I’ve never tried it. Now that you mention it, and make it look soooo good, I’m thinking once a year would be a reasonable indulgence. 🙂

  2. That is a unique and no doubt, tasty, hamburger! A nice treat once a year. I might turn these into “slider” grilled cheese hamburgers instead for my next party. Thanks for sharing!

  3. That’s a mouthful. I don’t think I could attempt eating it because I’d feel guilty afterward and would be examining my bloated midsection. However, I do love Gruyere cheese on a grilled cheese sandwich and lately, I’ve been putting arugula on everything. It wilts easily when tossed with a hot pasta dish.

  4. As a severely lactose intolerant lover of cheese I thank you for this post. I’m living vicariously through you. That looks and sounds absolutely delicious. Oh how I miss cheese!

  5. You are brave! But I agree it is fun to indulge every once in a while. I have a huge weakness for burgers. I started eating really healthy last week and by Sunday I caved and ordered a burger with fries.

  6. Haha this sounds like one of those food challenge videos on YouTube! I’m sure it was delicious, but yes, TWO grilled cheese sandwiches isn’t exactly healthy. It’s still probably better (maybe?) than eating raw cookie dough, which is my great weakness. 🙂

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