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I’ve reached 20,000 followers, and although that makes my blog seem “big,” the truth is that my stats and actual page views are much lower. I get an average of 300 to 400 views a day, with slightly fewer unique visitors. All 20,000 of you are not reading or visiting my blog, but that’s okay. It is gratifying to know that I’ve reached 20,000 people in some small way over the last two years.

Over those years, I’ve followed blogs myself. I have some favorites. Some of you are WordPressers and we converse regularly through my blog and yours. Some of my favorites don’t know that I exist, but I enjoy seeing their work in my inbox. As I’ve followed these blogs, I’ve tried to follow those who follow me. I care about building community through blogging, and I appreciate those of you who are kind enough to read my words.

So today, I want you to convince me to follow your blog. Why should I? What am I missing? Why do you think I would like your blog? Use your comment today to convince me, and others who might see it, to follow you.  Don’t forget to include a link to your blog.


Now, the truth is, it likely isn’t possible for me to follow all of your blogs, and even if I did, I wouldn’t have time to read everything all of you write. But that doesn’t mean that what you’re writing isn’t important and that you shouldn’t keep doing it. I love the seeming democratization that blogging affords us, and if you have something to say, don’t be afraid to put it out there. As one of my wise cousins once said to me, “Be brave!” Those words led me to make a phone call that I felt awkward about making, and that phone call led to me starting this blog.

I also may or may not have time to respond to all of your comments today. If so many people comment that I’m overwhelmed, I may just back out of responding and let all of you speak. If not many people do, I’ll certainly join in.

This is your opportunity and my permission to use my blog as a way to promote your blog. At the end of the week, on Friday April 18, I’ll highlight ten of the blogs that I think sound most intriguing. However, that doesn’t mean that all of you aren’t worth following.

If I already follow your blog, feel free to comment with a promotion of your blog anyway.

And while we’re promoting blogs, I’ll put in a plug for my nine-year-old daughter.  She started a blog this weekend, after months of asking me if she could.  It’s called Little Freckle Face.   She’s planning on posting once a week.  I’m sure I’ll enjoy it!

So, get to it! Convince me to follow your blog.

Meanwhile, today is the 75th anniversary of John Steinbeck‘s The Grapes of Wrath.  Click to see my post on this fantastic and quintessential American novel.

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  1. Wow – that’s a lot of blogs! I won’t convince you to read my words or connect with my song choices – but am curious to know how you amassed such amazing stats – that amount of page views is mindblowing to an amateur such as myself! Cheers J

  2. Hello, I have been following your blog for more than a year, and very often your reviews help me decide if I want to read a book or not.

    Unlike this blog which is very specific, my blog is about anything that has caught my attention. It talks about design, it has poetry, photographs of places I have travelled, and collection of objects. It is something like an art cafe… one can come and choose to have a conversation or contemplate on various aspects of life.

  3. Hi Emily, great post. I’ve been blogging for six months now and love that there’s a place to share ideas with a welcoming word-community. Observations, gentle rants, visual stories, my blog is a home for them. Welcome!

  4. I review new music on my blog at Why should you follow my blog? After spending the last year and a half reviewing albums and EP’s for larger publications I finally decided to branch out and make my own way in the blogsphere. As an aspiring musician, I know how difficult it is to get your material out there, and a lot of publications only care about advertising chart-toppers and revenue behemoths. While I do cover such to a certain extent, my primary focus is to spotlight lesser known acts that don’t have the backing of a major label, those that have adopted a do-it-yourself approach and applied it to the furthering of their craft. If you’re looking for a mainstream alternative that supports up-and-coming artists, look no further than

  5. Great headliner, Emily! And maybe I can write a post called, “How I Got Emily J. to Follow My Blog,” lol. I still remember being so surprised and flattered when you came over to my blog. Like you said, it’s easy to see your follower count and assume you’re crazy busy as a “celebrity” blogger.

    I write about books and life – identity issues, personal growth, mental health, relationships (marital, parental, and otherwise). My big thing has always been to write openly, honestly, and humbly, and in a way that others can hopefully relate to. I’m not big on self-promotion and stats and always just hope that something I say will speak to my readers on some personal level.

    I’ve really enjoyed our discussions and friendship!

    1. That is great that your daughter has started a blog! I will check it out. It’s great that our children have this kind of opportunity. My son wants to start one on Minecraft (video game) but he’ll need to convince me that this is not going to take precedent over his school work and piano practice!

        1. That’s great that your daughter is a Minecraft fan as well! I read in your comment below that you have disabled the commenting in your daughter’s blog. I think that’s an interesting/smart move. I think my son would love the interaction, but the possibility of exposing him to so much also scares me.

  6. My blog, Biblionomad, mainly features reviews of whatever books I’ve read and since my tastes are eclectic the reviews vary widely by genre and subject matter. Because I am an expat and move around every few years, I also tend to read books set in or about the place I’m living; at the moment that’s India (next year it will be the US and a year after that Istanbul!) And occasionally I feature a giveaway in an effort to share books I’ve loved and maybe increase my audience. If you’d like to check it out, here’s the link: Thanks!

  7. My blog is not perfect. I will never be able to say that my blog is perfect with conviction ion, because no one can. But I put hard work, effort and perceverence into my blog. I am just a few years younger than your daughter so tests always seem to be looming but I promise to work very hard. I express myself through both literature and poetry, and it would be amazing to be followed by such a prestigious WordPress body as yourself. The link is:

  8. Hey!! I think you are a wonderful writer and blogger and its great to see this amazing quality passed on your daughter too. I haven’t been able to blog much but it is on my priority list now that I have time on my hands. I just saw your comment about John Steinbeck and was surprised as I have just completed his Grapes of Wrath and found it wonderful. Please see my review of this superb book on my blog Your comments would be highly appreciated.
    Thanks 🙂

  9. You are so excellent! I look up to your words and writing skills. I don’t know any single word to convince you or others to follow my blog. I just started blogging and hardly find time to be active on line because I am just asking permission to use this desktop from time to time. Anyway, for now it doesn’t matter if I have much followers. In the mean time, I’ll try my best to put progress on my writing abilities. I’ll keep your blogs coming in my inbox, I’ll surely read it all whenever I have time to log in. More power Emily!

  10. Congrats you 20,000 followers! And what a great idea for all of us to tell you about our blogs. I’ve been blogging since June and post weekly. I love to write essays so most of my blog posts turn out to be stories from my life-I tend to write about family, life and faith using a mix of humor and personal thoughts on life. You can find my posts here: I look forward to reading some of your other readers blogs!

  11. I think you already follow my blog. 😉 At the moment I am not posting as frequently as I would like (the end of the academic year is approaching fast and I am currently hard at work, writing essays and preparing for exams) but I have been blogging for nearly three years. I love writing about culture in general: books, movies, music, discovering different places, food from around the world…. And as I am an aspiring academic in the field of linguistic science, you will also find an occasional post or two about language and linguistics on my blog at

    Congratulations on reaching 20,000 followers! That’s a massive number! And good luck to your daughter with her blog. The title of it is very sweet! 🙂

  12. Hi Emily, wow–that’s a lot of followers! I think it’s neat that you’ve reached those people in some way, even if they don’t read your blog at every post. I enjoy your book reviews, as they make me think about things I may have missed in my reading. As for my blog, ngan made it at, I started it to share my love of cooking, reading, and creating memories with others. It is everything I love to do, but don’t do in my day job. Most importantly, I write about what is real, about the things that actually happen in my kitchen and life. Surprisingly, blogging has made me accept more challenges in life, not only with trying new recipes and tackling new books, but also in overcoming shyness and anxiety and reaching out to people more. It’s been a fun journey and I look forward to continuing it, meeting new bloggers, and connecting with people in this wide, wide world.

  13. Hi! I just started following your blog today, so I haven’t had much of a chance to acquaint myself with your writing, but I don’t mind a chance to talk about myself…

    I started blogging just a few weeks ago after a whole bunch of unforeseen circumstances left me without a job. I’ve been a writer in my free time all my life, so I decided that this was my opportunity to try to make a career out of it. I’ve been blogging about writing my first novel and my endeavours to break into freelancing, along with a scattering of articles about books, writing and publishing. I’m particularly interested in how technology can influence the future of storytelling.

    You can find me at

    I look forward to reading your blog!

  14. This is an interesting idea for a post. Congratulations on your following! I have only about 20 to 30 views a day, so I have a long way to go to match it. But you are already following me, so I guess I can save my persuasive skills for another time!

  15. Wow – those numbers are impressive. I’ve followed your blog for a while now and always enjoy reading your work.

    My blog began very specifically focused. As a History student, I have used my blog over the last two years to discover new ideas and historical topics, which I still maintain. However, more recently, I have ventured outside of this to include writing on more general topics such as social trends, current affairs and student life. If you’d like to have a look, go to:

    I would love to encourage more discussion on different topics to spark some debate, and to get more involved with other bloggers, especially since the community is so welcoming.

  16. 20,000 — emily! wow!  i totally understand your point – it seems that many people hit ‘follow’ just because it seems trendy to follow, and they want to get on the same wagon as the others. and they have no idea of what the site is even about!  at least on mine, especially if a follower is someone who focuses on the latest fashion and how many new pairs of shoes one owns.. i think, ‘why on earth did they take the trouble to follow me?’

    if my internet ever gets out of snail pace, i’ll be there always, as your posts are always worthy and of interest!  i’m on the road today, therefor i sit in wonder and awe that i’m online and pages are opening and comments are soaring through cyberspace.. but i have a bus to catch that leaves in half an hour, and we’re fifteen minutes from the station.. gotta run, and it might be another month before you hear from me…

    congratulations on putting this question out there. i hope to check back and see who replies!



  17. Convince you to read my blog, eh? Well, this might be practice for me to later convince more people, since I seem to have about ten readers or so.

    My blog ( ) is a variety blog about, well. . . that’s the problem; there is no theme. You will find amateur photography, you will find playlists, you will find opinions on mundane things. . . and there is this one section that I am trying to keep constant. It’s called Linguistic Moments and in it I try to explain differences between similar words in a simple easy way.
    P.S. I post in Arabic sometimes because I am from Egypt and I would like to reach a wider audience. You can skip this part, mind you.

    Greetings ^_^

  18. I am not surprised by your numbers, since everything you post is so well written, well thought out, and covering an interesting variety of topics, but congratulations anyway! I know I would be proud and happy about it, if it were me!

    I checked out your daughter’s blog, and I think it is adorable, and so well done, so far! Good for her!

    I am happy to say that you are already following my blog, but for anyone else who might be interested, I am reading and writing about books, mostly Canadian. So, if you’re looking for new and interesting book recommendations feel free to stop by!

    Good idea for a post, Emily, and thanks for the chance to advertise myself a bit!

  19. I love this idea. First of all, please keep reading my blog. I only post once a week and I try to keep my ideas or views of the world short and to the point. You can find me at ( I am completely new to blogging and have learned a lot about it in the last two months. I post a photo that I have taken and add my thoughts for the week in about 300-500 words. I want to help you pull up memories of your own and give you ideas about things that you can use to better communicate with your friends and family. There you have it…..short and sweet.

  20. Hey Emily. I write for my blog What makes me worthy of a follow? My blog is purely opinion based and instead of writing constantly about the topic I may have chosen for my blog I am constantly writing about different things all of which greatly float my boat. I write as much as I can fit into the day and always going into writing a new piece with great excitement and passion for a hobby I have always enjoyed instead of it being something I am good at that I might get paid for one day. As un up and coming writer I would greatly appreciate one of your picks and for any other hopefuls reading this, good luck and congratulations if Emily picks you. 🙂

  21. Hi,

    It goes without saying that your blog numbers are amazing, and something I — as a relative newcomer to blogging — will continue to strive to emulate. Twenty thousand followers is something that seems so far out of reach right now, placing you in that celebrity blogger sphere to my eyes. That is why you giving all of us this opportunity to “plug” our blog is so very gracious of you.

    As for me, Bookwraiths Reviews is my attempt to share with other my love of speculative fiction in all its forms. I am a fan of science fiction, fantasy, alternate history, or steampunk. If the stories introduce me to spectacular lands and amazing people, then I love to step into that world for a few hours and experience it all. Afterwards I have this burning desire to let others know if the novel is a worthwhile investment of their finite reading time.

    If anyone is interested in stepping into a world where magic works or steam powered airships rule the skies or interstellar travel is possible, please stop on over to BOOKWRAITHS and see where the rabbit hole will lead you.

    Thanks again for allow me this opportunity to introduce my blog. 🙂

  22. My blog is a writing blog, called Misthoughts and Wonderings. So, why is it different? Well, I’m a fifteen year old girl from the UK and I have loved writing since I first started to put pen to paper. Now, I write poems and short stories and plan novels that will never get written, and take photos with my phone that never look like I want them to. I’ve amassed 130 or so followers in a year and I’m very proud of what I’ve done with my blog: I truly love writing, and want to share my passion with others.
    Thank you for the chance to promote myself a little!
    Misthoughts and Wonderings –

  23. What a generous idea, Emily! I just found several great new blogs to follow from the comments above mine!

    I have so much fun with my blog, I love to write about life, literature, writing, and various things I’m learning—and I’m always learning, which is why my blog’s subtitle is “Discoveries from Reading, Writing, and Living.” I also use my blog to celebrate great words (quotes, poems, books, etc.), share my own creative writings (and photos, including of my cute cats), and sometimes promote good causes. My goal as a blogger is to add beauty and goodness to my world; I hope each one of my posts feels like a gift to those who read it. But if not, writing my blog at least feels like a gift to me!

  24. Congratulations on reaching 20,000 followers! I have to say I’m not surprised — just about everything you post on this site is excellent, measured, and enjoyable to read.

    On my blog Literary Vittles, I cover a variety of topics, mostly bookish in nature. I run a series on excellent children’s book illustrators, post critical, long-ish reviews of the movies I watch, and do quite a few seasonal posts—the weather in Chicago is too crazy not to talk about. Every now and then I also discuss how I’m adjusting to life after college—e.g., how it feels to make student loan payments every month, and how it can be difficult to reconcile the potential you feel you have with a lackluster employment market with few job opportunities. And of course there is the occasional book review as well!

  25. My blog is here – – I blog about books, films, Ireland and whatever piques my interest. I’m a bit of a smartarse and tend to write posts that skw toward the cynical. I like finding new blogs and I try to blog every day. I’m currently doing the a to z challenge, which is fun and a way to find new bloggers. I hope you find lots of new interesting blogs to follow. cheers. niall.

  26. Why, hello there friend! Let’s be honest here, I am a baby blogger and writer. I’m a senior in college and am learning the ins and outs of writing and blogging. I would love feedback on my blog, and have some ideas for renovations. So, why follow my blog? I am a random writer, with no set themes or formats that I follow for my blog: it’s more a documentation of my life, and a way for me to practice writing. I tend to do a bit of writing on my spiritual walk and things that I read in the Bible in relation to my walk with God. I really enjoy writing about that. It helps me sort out my thoughts and really dive into the Bible. Anywho, it would again be so awesome to get some feedback from someone who has such experience in writing. So, there ya have it (; Check me out?

  27. 20,000 followers, congrats! I’ve been blogging for almost two years now and I’ve only gotten a humble 400 following base. I started it while working for HarperCollins, writing about cool, out-of-the-box places that sell books. Since then I’ve moved to San Francisco and Chronicle Books and I write more about my daily personal life and the various ways that books inspire me. I love hearing about what others are reading and talking about what I’m reading and doing. Cheers and congrats on your blog!

  28. To get started, here’s a fun fact. I have read Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings right through – all 1,200+ pages – in four different languages; English, French, German and Dutch. Normally, I don’t like to be pinned down to a favourite book, but if you really, really REALLY pressed me, I’d probably have to answer Tolkien’s masterpiece.

    My handle is Scottish Bookworm in Quebec. Yes, I am Scottish, yes, I am a bookworm and yes, I do live in Quebec. In order to fund my book habit I work in technical support, although I’d much rather be reading with my cat Isis curled up on my knee.

    As a youngster, I always had my nose stuck in a book. It was hardly surprising then that I studied Modern Languages at the University of Edinburgh where I spent four years dissecting classic French and German literature. For some time after I graduated I refused to read anything deeper than the latest issue of Cosmopolitan.

    It wasn’t until I bought my first Kindle back in early 2010 that I really began to read voraciously again. Now, however, my book budget is a source of, um, friendly discussion shall we say between my husband and myself. I often reread books – indeed, going back to some of my favourites is like catching up with old friends – so I like to have a copy to hand. I used to refuse to be beaten by a book and would finish it to the end. Now I believe life is too short to waste on a poorly written book, or even one that doesn’t engage me personally.

    My preferred genre is fantasy, and I’ll read anything by George R.R. Martin, Brandon Sanderson, Brent Weeks, the usual suspects. What I look for in a book is either a strong plot line (a la Weeks), interesting worldbuilding (Sanderson’s speciality) or fascinating characters (Tyrion anyone?), and preferably a blend of all three. Of course if there’s humour in there too, that’s even better. I’m put off by characters with little more depth than a playing card, uneven pacing and quick fix resolutions that have not been well set up.

    When reviewing books I try to be fair; I appreciate that not everyone will be looking for the same things in a book. I also try to remember that the author has spent many months if not years creating this story and characters and I try to respect that, even if I find it is not appealing to me personally. If I am ever less than respectful in a review please call me up on it.

    I hope you enjoy my comments on the books I read. I am active on Goodreads, Facebook, Twitter, so please feel free to look me up there. I look forward to hearing from you.

  29. My blog, Exploring Classics, explores French and English literary classics.

    I enjoy reading children’s and adult classics but I have a particular interest in the Middle Ages. I am currently interested in understanding the historical significance of Medieval literary works. Works that help me achieve this goal are reviewed as well.

  30. Your tag line grabbed me last year and I’ve been following you ever since. You should follow my blog because you may be me in 10 years. I can give you a glimpse into what’s to come. We are both simplistic women who have two daughters, a deep love of family and love of literature. Musing Off the Mat at

  31. How Many? Is there such a thing as blogger envy? (to paraphrase Amy Farrah Fowler regarding Penis Envy: Sometimes I’d just like to have one, because I want to know what it’s like peeing standing up”. Or something)

    Hello to 9 year old freckle person!

    I;d just love someone (anyone) to give my blog a once over and tell me what needs to happen to get me into the next level of followers. Anyone?

  32. Your image of “The Thinker” is perfect for what I have to say. In the 1950’s, one would often encounter a little desk plaque, which read, simply, “THINK.” I believe that ubiquitous exhortation came from T.J. Watson of IBM who intended that it stimulate his corporate employees to think creatively and to think deeply about their work and their lives. My blog is named “Reason and Reflection” – “Reason” for the logical thought processes inherent in science and mathematics; “Reflection” for an awareness of life, living, and the human condition. My blog deals with both approaches to life and living. My writing reflects me and my eclectic interests – or should I say passions? As a retired electrical engineer, here in Silicon Valley, California, I bring an analytical flavor to my topics, but always with a sense of humor and an equal regard for the human factor involved in life and living. My latest post is titled, “Addicted to Books,” which I am. In my archives, can be found a very wide range of topics including music, sports, technology, history, science, books, mathematics, biography. My credentials for writing: An interest in and curiosity about most everything, a very profound respect for clear and direct writing, and the love of sharing ideas that strike me as important. I have also published a book on motion physics for lay-readers. Come visit me at
    Thanks, Emily, for this opportunity! Alan

  33. Anyone who loves poetry but is pressed for time should follow my blog! 🙂 Daily, I post a 2-5-line poetry fragment, or DPF (I’ve only missed one day in 95 days!). I try to be as international as possible, but I find that most of the poetry I post is 20th and 21st-Century American poetry, with as much else as I can find anywhere around (in translation). I write poetry myself, so some of my published poems are there on a different tab. But, if I can get anyone excited about reading poetry regularly, I’m happy:

  34. Emily, I love the first post on your daughter’s blog. And, kudos to you for finding the quotation about freckles and stars. Emily, I know your time is dear, so I am fortunate, as are my readers, when you have time to stop by my blog. Your blog is one I frequent, as I not only expand my reading list, I expand this old brain. “Some days I thinks and other days I thinks real hard,” is a paraphrased quote the comes to mind. I usually “thinks real hard” when I stop by. Take care my friend. I will be a contrarian and not provide a link, but readers and commenters are welcome. You are the best, BTG

    1. I love your blog, BTG! I sometimes want to comment, but I don’t feel confident joining the conversation because you and your readers know so much about current events and politics. I just enjoy benefiting from the discussions you all have!

  35. I started my blog in 2011 and it’s been a challenge. I like challenges. I have several short stories published in three anthologies and I was hoping by having a blog, I could sell my books. I wrote one story called NINETY-NINE STEPS. It’s about my challenge of climbing Diamond Head in Hawaii with my back problems and at the time my sore knee. It’s one of my earlier blogs. It’s published in AMERICA’S FINEST SHORT FICTION. I’ve been having problems with my comments, as I’ve not receive any comments on any of my blogs. I’ve also started to post more comments on articles I come across. It’s my way of expressing myself. I’m also trying to change some things in my blog. Your advice would be helpful as I can get some ideas on how to improve my blog.


  36. Don’t follow my blog. I’m a nice guy, I like music, books, the outdoors and photography, but am not that great a writer. You should however follow my wife’s blog She is a garden writer who has just written her first book The Cut Flower Patch, which has been overwhelmingly positively received for its lovely writing style and stunning photos.

  37. I’ve got about 10% of your number of followers, and am also bewildered by the disproportion between daily views and actual followers.

    However, every follower is a celebration.

    My blog is the L. Palmer Chronicles. I write about geek culture – movies, tv, video games, books, as well as about the writing process and getting published. It is really the chronicles of my adventures as I climb Mt. Publication.

    I try to keep every post fun, witty, and nerdtastic.

  38. You won’t read this anyway! HOw true that we are all writing, but hardly have time for reading others…Okay, convince you? That sounds too competitive…I’d rather entice you… A) my about page contains my book list b) I frequently reference books in my writing c) I write erotica so I’m totally off topic unless you are reviewing Anne Rice… d) I love words.
    Cheers– and hey, 300 hits a day is a great thing even if few are new readers…have to look at the bright side, 20,0000 is a fab number of reads (even if they are 1xers…) Have a GREAT week! Cups UP! -Ret

  39. I love your daughter’s blog — will you tell her, please, that I’ve always been a bit jealous of people who have freckles (my best friend does), and when I was a little girl I used to count the ones on my arms (seven, always hoping for more) and wish that I had them sprinkled across my nose and cheeks. I’m glad she loves her own freckles.

    Great call on disabling comments. I’ve met only kind people on wordpress, but you never know.

    I’m very glad we ‘know’ each other, but in the interests of reaching more people, here’s a little blurb:

    At Rosemary and Reading Glasses (, I write about books, interview authors of recent and forthcoming titles, and try to convince more people to read poetry through a weekly poetry post and a new feature called The Poetry Concierge. I call the blog “An Omnivorous Reader’s Commonplace Book” because I read just about everything — poetry, nonfiction, literary fiction, classics, sci-fi, mysteries, YA, and once, to everyone’s chagrin, a romance novel. I hope you’ll visit and tell me what you’re reading, too.

    1. Yes, I’ll tell her! Thanks for looking at her blog. 🙂 And yes, I’ve had mostly delightful experiences with people on WordPress, but you never know.

  40. I just stumbled on your blog tonight and I think you’ve got a lot of great content and lots of book recommendations that interest me. My blog, Reeder Reads, is a mix of blog reviews, behind the scenes of working in a publishing house in Canada, interviews with authors and more. I hope you get a chance to check it out, I think you’ll like it!

    Happy Reading!

  41. Hi Emily ☺
    I write book reviews for Indie Authors. I feel what I do helps in a small way; following my blog brings all the great authors to light.

  42. Wow, 20000 followers is a huge amount. Congratulations! I love your blog and writing style although I don’t always comment

    I don’t know what to say about my blog here. I love books (particularly literary fiction) though I can get fangirly about my favorite Fantasy books.

    I am a pretty slow reader so in between book reviews, I post a lot of other stuff as well – a mix of personal, some shopping, food, and travel.

  43. Hi Emily
    That’s an interesting challenge.
    I enjoy researching, particularly if there is an end result. By this, I mean incorporating it into some of my fiction. I’m self-published and I write SF. It’s a genre that I think needs more experimentation. There’s plenty in my blog about that. Blogging is an experiment for me. There are certain things I want to say, for example on present days events and on history, Sometimes the two are combined as in my post on the Zaporophian Host.

  44. Emily, thank you for this wonderful opportunity for us all! I started blogging last January after I graduated from college and had no real job. I sold plasma, substitute taught and was a part-time nanny. A friend had recently started book blogging, which caught my eye. I never thought to do it myself – I merely asked her if I could co-write with her, just read and send her my reviews. She graciously agreed, but then suggested I start my own book blog. I had no idea what I was doing, what I needed, what proper etiquette required, nothing. I was going blind, using her structure as a starting point. I originally focused my blog as YA because I am a middle grades teacher, but then realized how shut off from the world that made me, so I made some changes and I tasked myself with broadening my horizons (which I have!). Then I started perusing a few other blogs to get ideas of how book blogging is supposed to work, and that’s how I stumbled across your blog.

    Through a lot of man hours and elbow grease, I’ve accomplished more than I thought I would when I first started out. I didn’t think anyone would care about my little baby blog, with so many bigger and greater blogs – book blogs in particular – out there. I’ve never been one to “sell myself”, so marketing my blog was uncomfortable for me to do. I hate sales people, and I didn’t want to try to sell my blog to anyone, but I have found ways to do so without being garish like I thought it would require. Girl of 1000 Wonders is growing day by day, and I’ve got my fingers in a few different pies in the book blogging world. I have enjoyed every minute of book blogging. When I started I didn’t know that it was a socially required to follow other blogs, be involved in them. To be honest, I still was floundering and didn’t know, but after a year of this endeavor I have learned!

    My goal last year was to get off the ground, which happened. This year, my goal is to do the very thing that is the premise of your post: interact with others’ blogs. I’ve got a few of my regulars, including yours, but I know it’s not satisfactorily enough. So many bloggy and bookish folks have helped me enter the blogosphere successfully enough to stay, whether directly or indirectly, and it’s time to pay it forward. I still am unsure of all that I’m doing, but each day I learn or think of something new. I’m starting to roll out a few new things. Although I may not visit every day, I read every email notification when you’ve posted something new. I don’t want to miss out on what you’ve thought or discovered! Your posts remind me of the wonderful classes I took in college that I wished never had to end, the amazing discussions that we had that I see come alive on your blog.

    Thank you for the thought-provoking and insightful writing you share with the blogosphere. You have inspired me to pick up some reads I wouldn’t necessarily have picked on my own.

    Go visit Girl of 1000 Wonders, inspired by a female character from a book. 🙂

  45. I personally think it’s so kind of you to do this 🙂 However much I wish to promote my blog by saying it’s so different from everyone, with the best words used or the best photography blog, sadly, no I don’t have a “perfect” blog or rather the perfect I assumed it to be. Yet, with all honesty, I can assure you the things I write here are not artificial neither fake. I personally love literature and just writing. And it makes me happy to read what others has to say too. Writing is my way of expressing some emotions where actions itself cannot be showed. Sometimes, let the words do the job 😉 I try as much as possible to let my readers get closer to my way of life and viewing things with a different point of view, not forgetting humour.
    thanks a lot xx

  46. I just started my blog a week ago, but — as I get more content up there — I’m striving to make it a place that inspires others to chase their dreams. The whole blog centers around my life and how I’m going about achieving my goals. I write about cultural experiences and travel, learning new skills (like cooking and glass blowing), and — mostly for my own enjoyment — I write reviews of the TV shows and books that entertain me throughout my days. Ultimately, as the blog shapes up, I’m hoping to see it become stimulus for other people to go after everything they want in life.

  47. I am astonished and impressed by the number of followers you have. But not surprised. I have only a fraction as many but I have discovered that many of them only click “follow” in order to get me to follow THEM! It’s a sort of self-advancement. I only have a handful of followers who actually read and comment. Many of your followers seem to actually read and comment, and I applaud you for that. Well done.

  48. Hi Emily, what a fantastic, big-hearted gesture.

    I’m a teacher and my little blog, Poor Rude Lines, is quietly ploughing its furrow, convincing anyone who’ll listen that contemporary poetry is an enriching, life-affirming experience.

    I wouldn’t really call my posts reviews as such – the opening paragraph is always set in my own life and comments on the collection I’m reviewing a tangential way. Images are important to me too.

    With all best wishes,


    href=”” target=”_blank”>


    I’m from Detroit and I write about my family and my life. Basically, I tell stories. I don’t really write on topics; I write stories and the topics emerge from them. Also, I’m more of a writer than a business person, so figuring out the blogging logistics is making my brain hurt. So, feel sorry for me and take a peek.


    This is my blog so check it out! Currently I am focusing on posting once a day for the annual A to Z challenge and focusing on movies. So if you are looking for a great flick for your family this is for you. I also blog about random topics that may pique your interest: writing, socializing, agents, and even television.

  51. Hi Emily, I am a book person, so I was delighted to find your blog. I grew up with my nose stuck in a book, and later I became a student of literature. I began writing at a very early age, and after years of school, family, teenagers, and just life in general, I’ve taken it up again. My blog is a bit eclectic, I write: essays, short stories, free verse poetry, opinion, reviews and humor. I enjoy reading what other people write, and I hope that I can reach others through my writing to entertain, engross, and express a bit of the human condition. I invite you and your readers to peruse my blog at: under the pen name L.T. Garvin. Oh, and sometimes I’m funny 🙂

  52. You are the blogger that makes me think, “When I grow up, I want to be like her.” Thanks for following my blog and for the many wonderful conversations we’ve had. I originally found and followed you after you were Freshly Pressed… who knew all the wonderful things that would come from that!

    1. I’m so glad we “met,” too. I was thinking about this the other day, how I’ve developed such a great network of friends from blogging and how grateful I am to have you, Cecilia, Carolyn, and others in my life. I hope I get to meet you all in person someday! It feels nice to have connected with people who have my same interests.

  53. Hi Emily,
    I just found your blog on wordpress and I just want to say that I absolutely LOVE it! Some of your reviews have convinced me to read books that I admit I would probably have never read if I hadn’t of seen your review. Now they are part of the list of books on my to read list on my computer.
    I really want to try and become a blogger like you. I love reading and I enjoy finding new people I can talk to about books and share my passion and love for reading with them. Hopefully by commenting on this post, it will make it to where other people can find my blog and share their love of reading with me.
    Thank you for taking the time to read this comment. I know you must have thousands of them from this post alone.

  54. Hello! My blog is stories that I make to practice writing. I usually post about once a week, because if I don’t write for longer than that then the pieces of story (or the shapes of shadows, or the cadence of a voice) will build up in my head and I’m afraid it might burst. Or just be very crowded full of jumbled-up tangled words, more than usual anyway.

  55. Hi there! I won’t repeat everyone else’s comments about being impressed with your following, or enthusiastic about your writing… but oops I just did! What I like most about your content and style is that you look at literature as both reflecting and informing our lives in the real world – the way a truly good book does. I often disagree with your thoughts, but that is how I know that you are doing a great job of making me think!
    My own blog is on a totally different theme – adventures in travel and nature (or, you might see it as distance travel and backyard travel, or nature-based travel). I do it mostly for myself (to keep in the writing habit) and for friends to keep up with my adventures (or document the ones we take together). I have very few followers, visitors, and views – but other similar blogs on WordPress that I follow have similar stats. Perhaps it is that we nature-and-travel-lovers don’t spend as much time on our computers as chronic readers and writers??? I was astounded when I wrote two posts on the art/craft/philosophy of “blogging,” and each one of those essays had more views than anything else I’d written in three years! To me, reading about someone else’s opinions of their own experience of writing a blog sounds like just about the most boring thing I could get my hands on. It would seem that vicariously visiting an amazing historical site, learning about natural phenomena, or getting local getaway tips would be more interesting… but then again maybe it is a case of “you had to be there…” I’m curious if you or your readers have any insight into this… I understand why people want to write about writing, but why do you (we) enjoy *reading* this meta-writing?
    If, on the other hand, you’d like to learn more about what the physical world has to offer, please stop on by and check out Unsettling at I haven’t posted in a while, but as I am newly home-bound with a broken leg, I expect I’ll have a chance to get caught up!

  56. Well hello there… if you have made it all the way through your comments to mine you likely need a tea break by now. If so please feel free to grab one then come back for me 🙂
    Got one? Great… okay, here we go. My blog… is me. An ongoing work in progress because I hope it will never end, somewhat quirky, a hint of chaos and lots of information (sometimes that information is even backed up with scholarly resources!). I have a small dare I say niche readership (which undoubtedly will explode in numbers any day now), but I am happy with who I am and my blog reflects who I am, what I am about and my learning/teaching/research experiences.
    Would love for you to stop by with your cuppa.

  57. A very nice gesture on your part to help us newbies grow our blogs 🙂 Me, I’m just a housewife in training and a new mommy to boot who just can’t seem to get it right! I blog to keep from going crazy and therefore curb my tendency to want to hit someone over the head with a mallet and bury them under the floorboards just because I’m bored. I blog at

  58. I am a fairly new blogger, and the question “why should I read your blog” made me think of my elevator pitch and reflect on the reason I am blogging in the first place. You should read my blog if you want to read honest reviews of books and be introduced to some good Canadian literature (because I love Can lit); yet, not have blog updates popping into your inbox every day (I post about once every 10 days). I am also starting to write some of my thoughts on books and the publishing industry in general as I am finishing my Publishing Certificate and attempting to enter the industry. I also try to be creative and match my post titles with my blog’s theme “books and breakfast” and play around with book covers pictures on Photoshop. If you are interested, here is the address:

  59. Hi Emily! What a nice offer. Why should you follow? I blog about the business of aging. My experience at 50, my sisters 7 and 14 years older than me. My Mum who will be 90 in July and has Alzheimer’s. In a youth-obsessed world, I am claiming a blog space to encourage people to respect their elders and be kind to themselves as they age, and it is a forum for me to vent from time to time. Follow me.

    1. Sandy, this really intrigued me, but when I click on your name, the link says it doesn’t exist… I hope you can repost the address or let me know where to find you!

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