Convince Me to Follow Your Blog

I’ve reached 20,000 followers, and although that makes my blog seem “big,” the truth is that my stats and actual page views are much lower. I get an average of 300 to 400 views a day, with slightly fewer unique visitors. All 20,000 of you are not reading or visiting my blog, but that’s okay. It is gratifying to know that I’ve reached 20,000 people in some small way over the last two years.

Over those years, I’ve followed blogs myself. I have some favorites. Some of you are WordPressers and we converse regularly through my blog and yours. Some of my favorites don’t know that I exist, but I enjoy seeing their work in my inbox. As I’ve followed these blogs, I’ve tried to follow those who follow me. I care about building community through blogging, and I appreciate those of you who are kind enough to read my words.

So today, I want you to convince me to follow your blog. Why should I? What am I missing? Why do you think I would like your blog? Use your comment today to convince me, and others who might see it, to follow you.  Don’t forget to include a link to your blog.


Now, the truth is, it likely isn’t possible for me to follow all of your blogs, and even if I did, I wouldn’t have time to read everything all of you write. But that doesn’t mean that what you’re writing isn’t important and that you shouldn’t keep doing it. I love the seeming democratization that blogging affords us, and if you have something to say, don’t be afraid to put it out there. As one of my wise cousins once said to me, “Be brave!” Those words led me to make a phone call that I felt awkward about making, and that phone call led to me starting this blog.

I also may or may not have time to respond to all of your comments today. If so many people comment that I’m overwhelmed, I may just back out of responding and let all of you speak. If not many people do, I’ll certainly join in.

This is your opportunity and my permission to use my blog as a way to promote your blog. At the end of the week, on Friday April 18, I’ll highlight ten of the blogs that I think sound most intriguing. However, that doesn’t mean that all of you aren’t worth following.

If I already follow your blog, feel free to comment with a promotion of your blog anyway.

And while we’re promoting blogs, I’ll put in a plug for my nine-year-old daughter.  She started a blog this weekend, after months of asking me if she could.  It’s called Little Freckle Face.   She’s planning on posting once a week.  I’m sure I’ll enjoy it!

So, get to it! Convince me to follow your blog.

Meanwhile, today is the 75th anniversary of John Steinbeck‘s The Grapes of Wrath.  Click to see my post on this fantastic and quintessential American novel.