Transmitting Love

I am fully aware that love is traditionally given and received through touch. We hug and kiss, caress, and hold hands.  This love, although romantic and exciting, is also physical.  However, I find that more genuine and platonic love is often shown without physicality.  I often feel this sort of love more intensely, and it makes me happier.  I suppose you could call it charity.

I’m not sure what to call it, but I know that every so often I will feel this love transmitted from another person and it just makes me relaxed, calm, happy, and content.  Do you know that feeling?

From Wikimedia Commons by Johntex

From Wikimedia Commons by Johntex

I first remember feeling it in the presence of an elementary school friend.  I was probably in first or second grade, and I don’t remember anything about this friend other than the fact that she spoke so quietly and sweetly that I felt calm in her presence.  My shoulders would relax, my happiness would increase, and an overall feeling of well being permeated my soul.  I loved her soft voice, and I wished to speak as kindly as she did.  I loved the way I felt when she spoke to me, with such care.

Over the years, this is the most frequent way that I would feel this friendly love, this sense of calm.  I always marveled at the people I would meet that could cause me to feel this way.  I would try for days after being in their presence to be like them, to speak with such calmness.  I wanted to hold onto that feeling forever and to continue spreading that feeling of love to the world.

However, recently I felt that same love without even speaking to the person.  I received it through the mail in a package.  The package was wrapped with such flair and care that I could not help but feel special.  A beautiful smell emanated from the package, and everything in it coordinated and screamed “I cared when I sent this to you.” I felt special upon receiving this package and that same sense of calm and peace just from knowing that I had been the recipient of love.

I what ways do you feel and/or transmit love without touch?  Do you know that feeling I have described?

And how can we better show this love toward others?  The new year is a time of resolutions and change, but I hardly ever make resolutions.  I find that I’m a driven person with goals and aspirations.  I don’t need a holiday or a special time of year to motivate me to change or to work harder at something.  However, each year I want to be better at being more loving.  I want to feel charity more often and toward everyone, not just my friends or those who are kind to me.  I want to be somebody who is loving and kind.  I’m definitely a work in progress.

Happy Valentine’s Day!