I Got Some Books for Christmas

Last year, I posted about the books I got for Christmas.  (See that post here.)  I thought it would be fun to do it again this year.  Here’s a look at what was sitting under the tree for me this year.

a brief history of time leather

This is from my husband, and it is a leather-bound copy of a book I posted about on the blog during the summer.  This version of Stephen Hawking’s A Brief History of Time is illustrated.  I can’t wait to look through it.  I wonder if the illustrations will help my non-scientific mind to make more sense of this book, which is already quite accessible.  That’s the great thing about blogging.  My husband knows what books I like now and surprises me with nice copies of them.

He also surprised me with this gem.

charlotte's web leather

It is a leather-bound version (a fact that Fern would likely not approve) of Charlotte’s Web and two other E. B. White classics, The Trumpet of the Swan and Stuart Little.  I have not yet read Stuart Little to my daughter, although we did read the other two this year.  (I still need to post about reading The Trumpet of the Swan.  It is such a fun book.)  I am thrilled by this present.  You can’t go wrong with E. B. White, for children and for adults.  His essays are amazing as well.

My sister got me this book by request.

selling culture cover

Selling Culture by Richard Ohmann is a book that my dissertation adviser keeps recommending to me, as it relates to the type of research I am doing.  He used it for his dissertation, and I plan on reading it for mine and putting it on my comprehensive exams reading list for next fall.  This one looks like it will be both of academic value and cultural interest to me.

The last book I received this Christmas was from my dad’s partner.  It is a cookbook.

pioneer woman

I’m excited about this gift because of the research I did on bloggers, and the fact that I looked at Ree Drummond’s The Pioneer Woman blog as part of it.  In addition, there are some fantastic and easy recipes.  Because I’m almost done with my Ph.D. coursework, I am looking forward to having more time to cook.  I enjoy eating and, therefore, I enjoy cooking as well.  This one has some creative recipes for every holiday; I’m looking forward to trying them all.

What books did you get for Christmas?

61 thoughts on “I Got Some Books for Christmas

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  1. Great list. I got my wife a two volume set of Pioneer Woman, whom she loves. I just polished off Malcolm Gladwell’s “David and Goliath” a great, make you think read on how the underground may not be as big an underdog as you think. Happy reading and New Year, BTG

  2. I am so jealosu of the E.B. White book!! I love all ove those stories!! The only book I got was weith the left over’s from my girlfriends Amazon card, they were Tijan’s books, Full Crest high and Full Crest Public. Still on the first one it’s a good read so far.

  3. I took a stab at the Hawkins book some time back. Impenetrable. I felt better when some authoritative source said it was the biggest unread bestseller in publishing history.

    1. I did already read it… If you want to see my thoughts, click on the link. My husband got it in a nice version since he knew I had reviewed it already on my blog. Enjoy!

  4. These are great! Such thoughtful choices. I’ve made the Pioneer Woman’s olive cheese bread — ohmygoodness so amazing. Let us know how the cookbook is!

    My husband gave me a ton of books — The Goldfinch and the Ron Burgundy book are highlights. 🙂

    1. I can’t wait to read the Goldfinch, but I am waiting for the library copy. Let me know how it is, but from Tartt’s other work, I can guess it is pretty much perfect. That olive cheese bread sounds really good, too!

  5. The Stephen Hawking book looks great! I love giving and receiving books as presents. This year, I got The Goldfinch, Burial Rites, and The Luminaries. Looking forward to reading all of them!

  6. Amazing collection! I am so excited to see the E.B. White…I just recently decided to pick up a all three of them from the library, being some of the first books I read as a child, and fell in love with them. Enjoy!

  7. I got cookbooks too!! My fam got together and gave me a huge selection of book from America’s Test Kitchen and Cook’s Country. Cook on!!!! 🙂

  8. Love your Christmas collection! Enjoy. I got Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel. I started reading it on Christmas Day and was already halfway through by bedtime. You know me and Henry VIII. =)

  9. I love the Pioneer Woman and use her recipes constantly. Enjoy the cookbook!
    For Christmas, I got Cool Water by Dianne Warren, and with my Christmas money, I picked up Orenda by Joseph Boyden and Longbourne by Jo Baker (so I think that counts in the Christmas stash).

  10. I’m jealous! I love reading and love books. I never get books for Christmas, even though they the only things I ever really want.

    “A Brief History of Time” is on my to-read list, but I’m not a scientific person so it scares me. The fact that you read it and liked it gives me hope though. 🙂

    Thanks for the insight to your Christmas! Happy reading.

    1. I hope you got something good for Christmas besides books. Perhaps your family and friends need a little nudging on the books! Thanks for reading. 🙂

  11. I love seeing what you and your blog followers received. I got only 1 book ( the one I requested), but it’s huge and magnificent…Zibaldone.

  12. It’s the notebooks of the Italian writer, philosopher Leopardi. He was incredibly erudite and prolific, and I believe the Italian publication runs several volumes. This is a single volume, English translation. I wanted it based on a review in the NY Review of Books that I read. The review may be available online, if you are interested.

  13. don’t know about others but a brief history of time (illustrated) is a great book for those who are not into physics but still are fascinated and want to know about!!!
    happy reading…..

      1. yup i understand its quite difficult to understand the version which has no pictures.. as it may get boring (for some readers) plus a lot imagination is also required.
        I read that version at least 3 times before i was able to get something to take with me from it,,,but after it i was able to actually appreciate the beauty of physics and the way of representation used by stephen hawkings…….btw i am yet to read universe in a nutshell…pls do give me feedback about it..

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