The Desperate Housewives of Literature: A New Blog Series

A few years back, when it was still on television, Desperate Housewives was one of my favorite shows.  (I know, I know.)  But I do enjoy a good prime-time soap opera.  Because of this, I’m excited to announce a new collaborative series on my blog: Literary Wives.

My friend and blogger Ariel noticed that many recent fiction books were titled with the word “wife.”  She had the idea to create the series, in which four of us bloggers will be reading a “wife” book every month and reviewing it.

For May, the selection is American Wife (2009) by (female) author Curtis Sittenfeld.  If you are interested, I encourage you to read along.  I will post my reaction to it on Friday, May 3.

Let me introduce you to the other bloggers who will also be posting their reviews then.

One Little Library and One Little Library on Facebook

Ariel Coffee RepublicAriel is an editor who will soon be trading her freelancing days for the life of an in-house editorial assistant at Corwin Press. A literature enthusiast, she likes heroines full of gumption and conflicts fraught with ethical dilemmas. Her favorite book is and always will be Jane Eyre.

Unabridged Chick: Enthusiastic Book Reviews and Unabridged Chick on Facebook

audra picAudra is a 30-something married lesbian with a thing for literary fiction and historical novels.  An Air Force brat, Audra’s love of reading was nurtured by her family’s numerous national and international moves.  Audra studied anthropology and geography as an undergrad.  Professionally, she has worked in the non-profit sector for the last ten years.

Persephone Writes

AngelaAngela is a composition and literature teacher, editor, writer, voracious reader, home-schooling mom, and recovering academic (said only half-jokingly) who has never truly given herself permission to live her life’s dream of writing. Until now.

I am flattered to have been included in this project and I hope you’ll find it enjoyable.  I am certainly looking forward to reading (and commenting on) the “wife” titles on our list.

Click on the link for more about American Wife:

To see a description of what we are trying to accomplish with this series and a list of the books we are reading, please visit my Literary Wives Series page by clicking on the words or by clicking on “Literary Wives Series” on the toolbar at the top of my blog.

43 thoughts on “The Desperate Housewives of Literature: A New Blog Series

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  1. Fantastic! I look forward to this series and wish I had time to read along. I’ve also noticed the recent “wife” novel titles and I’m curious why these ladies have been defined – in the title of presumably their own stories – as “wife.” It’s been something I’ve been meaning to investigate but have not yet had the time. I’m curious to hear your perspectives.

    1. Oh, time! Why don’t we have enough of you to do what we WANT?!?! 🙂 It will be a fun series, especially because of the women being defined in relation to men. Should be a good discussion.

  2. I love Desperate Housewives and I love this idea! Do you already have your list or partial list made, or will you be announcing the books on a month-to-month basis? Just very curious and enthusiastic about the reading list 😉


  3. Bought! I am very excited about this. Very! Very! I have an hour long commute so a lot of my reading is unabridged audiobooks. I had one credit left from last month and have been pondering what to get.

    1. Did you find an audiobook version? I have a long commute too, and my library didn’t have it on CD. I guess I am too much of a Luddite to figure out the digital audiobook stuff! Maybe it is time!

      1. Audible has it. Audible is a sect of Amazon. If you have a smart phone, you download the free app and then download the book. I delete it off my phone when I’m done. They’re not free, but if you become a monthly member you pay a certain amount and get “credits” and then you get the audiobooks much cheaper. Two hours a day in the car is worth it to me. Before I just rented from the library, but then they ran out of stuff I wanted to “read.” I live in a small, agricultural area, so the library has slim pickin’s.

  4. Thank you for introducing me to some very interesting new bloggers. I’ve had ‘The American Wife’ on my list for some time so I mat well join you for that.

  5. hi, just came across your page. A voyage of discovery is this blog site for me. Every time I learn something interesting and exciting about the art of writing, views and concerns and the world at large. I love calling myself a student of literature albeit my knowledge had reduced to almost none since I got out of touch with studies and teaching. I did my masters in English Literature in 2000, ages ago! Now, a full time mum of a 3.5 years adorable girl, I am taking tiny steps back to what I used to hold as my passion, once; reading, writing and literature!
    Yes, yes, Jane Eyre is an immortal book in the world of my favourites:)
    Well, just found myself among my lost clan-the literary folks- and got carried away! I am not sure but would try my best to be the part of your project or at least would try to get a quick read of the book, if nothing else.

    Nice to know you! Best wishes.xx

    1. It is lovely to have you here! I am glad you have found a place where you feel like you can connect with others who have literary interests and with books and writing. I’m a mom, too, so I know how much that can be stressful and time consuming, away from what you “really” like to do. Welcome!

  6. I love Curtis Sittenfeld and was actually telling someone about American Wife earlier today! The Paris Wife has been on my list since it came out, so maybe if my schedule calms down, I’ll join you guys in May. I’ve been crazy busy with my small press the past few months and hope to get a break soon.

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