Christmas Through the 1980s

I’m still feeling nostalgic, so I thought it would be fun to look back over the Christmases I enjoyed as a child.  Here’s a look at my first ten Christmases.  Do you recognize any of the toys?

christmas 1980

Christmas 1980.  What a beautiful Pampers box!  It’s vintage.

christmas 1981

Christmas 1981.  I don’t remember that little three-wheeled bike at all, but I look pretty happy.  What’s funny is that I recognize some of those ornaments on the tree.  We had those for a VERY long time.

christmas 1982

Christmas 1982.  I was no longer an only child, and my mom made me wear those hideous oxford shoes.  (I think they’re adorable now, but at the time…)

christmas 1983

Christmas 1983.  Excuse me, but I think I asked Santa Claus for the LARGE doll.  It’s bigger than my sister!  The doll I’m holding: I still have it.  It’s sitting in my oldest daughter’s closet as we speak (or as I type) and I still have the dress and the little purse and lacy slip that go with it.  It really is a beautiful doll.

Please take notice of the photo of the beautiful redhead on the table to the right of me.  She’s my aunt Suzanne, who would die just seven months after this photo was taken.  She was hit an killed by a drunk driver, ironically, while she acted as the designated driver for some of her friends.  She was only eighteen years old.

christmas 1984

Christmas 1984.  A third daughter joined the family.  I believe we are all wearing homemade dresses.  Both my mother and father are very good at sewing.

christmas 1985

Christmas 1985.  Didn’t I ever grow?  I look like I’m three years old in this picture, but no, I’m five!  I do appreciate my very Christmas-y outfit, and those apple ornaments remained on our tree for the next fifteen years.  They were falling apart by the time I was a teenager.

christmas 1986

Christmas 1986.  Ah, the sweaters!  I hated my sweater.  Looking back, it’s kind of cute, but I really hated it.  And if you want to know why this is a picture of just my sisters and I with my dad, read this post.

christmas 1987

Christmas 1987.  My mom remarried.  I’m in the red dress in front of my new step-father.  On my left is my step-sister Ashley.  Honestly, I hated having a step-family.  Those were not happy times, but I will be forever grateful that I got a new sister, who will always be my sister, even though we aren’t blood related.  We are related through experience and hard times and a shared childhood.

Those older people are my step-dad’s parents.  I adored my step-grandfather.

christmas 1988

Christmas 1988.  Can you still tell which one is me?  Maybe you never could.  Anyhow, I have a new brother, and see, those apples are STILL on our Christmas tree!

christmas 1989

Christmas 1989.  We spent this Christmas at my dad’s house.  We are wearing the dresses he made for us, just one example of the many clothes he made for us.  He’s talented!  (I’m in the navy blue.)

This year at Thanksgiving, my dad reminded me of this Christmas and how I had brought with me to his condo an ornament of a little figurine in a green dress.  Apparently, I kept trying to hang it on the tree, and when I wasn’t looking, his partner (a perfectionist) would remove it because he didn’t want the decor to be ruined.  Pretty funny.

Well, those pictures represent my first ten Christmases.  I’m celebrating my 33 Christmas this year, and although it isn’t as magical since I’m in charge, it still means just as much to be near family and to pass on the spirit of Christmas to my children.

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!