An Awkward Moment at the Library

A few weeks ago, I hosted a guest post on a novel called The Woman in Black.  Debbie of The Wicked Queen’s Mirror wrote a fantastic review of the book, and to accompany her post, I wanted to include a photo of the novel, as I usually do with all of my posts.  So, I found a copy of the book at the local library.

As I checked it out, the librarian said, “Wow.  You are brave.  This is a scary book.”

I paused for a moment, and then feeling that I needed to explain, I said, “Well, I don’t know if I will read it.  You see, I have a blog, and I just want to take a picture of it for my blog.”

I was expecting her to say, “Oh, how neat.  What is your blog about?”  or “Why do you need a picture?”

Instead, she just looked at me, raised her eyebrows, and said nothing.


Have you had any awkward moments because of your blog?  Do you openly tell people about your blog, or do you keep it a secret to avoid uncomfortable moments?