Breaking Up With Blogger

You’ve just started blogging, and a few months in, a blogger you’ve never heard of nominates you for one of those blogging “awards.”  It’s exciting.  How flattering to think that somebody noticed your blog, somebody that isn’t your mother.  You realize that the “award” is more of a chain letter that promotes exposing other blogs to your audience, but you don’t care.  It’s fun and you participate.

Well, the person who nominated you must be somebody special, especially since they found your fledgling blog and obviously admire your work.  So, you decide that you will become a follower of their blog.  Why not?  You’ll probably be best friends in a few weeks, and maybe you’ll even end up meeting.  This person obviously has good taste.

Well, the story doesn’t always end happily.  Sometimes that blogger and you just don’t click.  Sometimes you follow and then regret it.  Sometimes you are bombarded with posts about hammocks, excessive alcohol consumption, and grammar advice.  This person just isn’t what you expected, and you have a sneaking suspicion that they aren’t really reading any of your posts.  What to do?

Public domain image from Wikimedia Commons

Sometimes it’s a different situation.  Sometimes you follow a blog or two and find blogging friends through the comments sections.  You find out that the people you’ve connected with are all connected to each other.  It becomes a blogging community of sorts, with everybody patting each others’ backs and commenting around and around.  It’s fun.  It feels like a high school clique.  You’ve got a crowd and they’ve got your back.  So, what happens when this crowd suddenly wants to start doing drugs and you’ve decided to “just say no.”  Well, I guess it wouldn’t be that dramatic.  It’s NOT high school.  But what if your interests change and the crowd no longer seems to be supportive?  What if you realize how different you all are?   Is it okay to back out, back off, or say goodbye?

Well, it may be time to break up.  You gave these relationships the old college try.  You made an effort to become interested in their life/work/writing, but it just isn’t the right fit for you.  It’s okay.  Go ahead.  Push the “unfollow” button.  They’ll never know, right?

Has this happened to you?  Is it okay to “unfollow”?

I’ve done it.  I admit this.  I’ve unfollowed some blogs.  There are a few blogs that I wanted to be excited about.  I found them through said awards, commenting, or the WordPress homepage.  I’ve even found them outside of WordPress.  They seemed interesting, smart, and funny.  But after a few posts, I realized that I just wasn’t that into them.

Is that okay?

Is the better solution to just stop subscribing to emails?  I always check the “instantly” option when it comes to email delivery.  I want to see what the blog is up to.  I want to be the first-to-know and up-to-date.  However, instead of reducing their follower count, should I just opt to not read or not to have it delivered?

What do you do when this happens?  (And let’s hope it hasn’t happened to you with my blog!)