A Few Updates and My Favorite Posts

Hi everyone!  This is a quick note to make you aware of some additions and updates to my blog.  I have received a lot of new followers in the last few months thanks to Freshly Pressed, so I want to highlight a few of my favorite posts and make you aware of some new features.

First: I’ve added a page of The 100 Best Books I’ve Read.  It’s been sitting there, languishing, for a while.  Maybe you already noticed it.  Maybe you haven’t.  Check it out.  I’d love to compare your own lists and to hear your thoughts.

Second: I’ve added a page that features some of my recognized and most popular posts.  (I know.  Shamelessly plugging myself.)  It’s called My Favorite Posts: Start Here.  It includes a list of what I consider to be my best posts and my guest posts.  I’d love to see you read them if you haven’t already.

Third: I’ve updated my blogroll.  In the last six months, I have come to love blogging more than I thought possible because of all of the great bloggers I have virtually met.  I am constantly telling my husband how I feel more connected with my blogging friends than I do some of my real-life friends because this is where I can find those with like minds.  Thank you for your friendship, conversations, encouragement, and support.  Please check out some of my favorite blogs on my blogroll.  I am impressed each day with your wit, your style, your humor, your humility, and your devotion.  You keep me going!